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    gps being difficult

    Have a look at an app named Metroview, assuming perhaps you can get an old iPhone or Android to run that on separately perhaps
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    Not worth it

    Glad to hear it !!!
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    Would you like a Australian Rideshare App

    Now that this has opened up like this, everyone wants in on the action - who's going to miss out??? The Customer, that's who....... Unfortunately this is a case where greater numbers does help for this type of business IMHO Imagine if all cars available were operated from under the same...
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    Uber Drivers doing dumb stuff!

    Throw the book at him & UBER for not enough training & education!!! When I was a taxi owner / driver, often I would get request to take 5 in my 4 passenger car; oh, the last driver did it was the often heard plea - well, take a look I would say - "I'm not the last driver"
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    Employee or Contractor?

    As a previous taxi license owner, I "owned" my own cars also ????
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    Employee or Contractor?

    Never happen, taxi already been to high court
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    Is the % net income for real or its just

    get a full TAX year in, then evaluate the figures. I owned 2 taxi licenses for years, got a laugh every time someone paid a $20 or $30 fare and then said "easy money for you" - sure mate, if it's so easy, everyone would be doing it :eek:
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    Drivers behaving badly

    so, looks and behaves just like a taxi, which is what it is :D
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    Drivers authority cost
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    Best company for Uber vehicle financing

    He questioned the company's corporate structure in which "you can go and buy a car through them one week, and they sack you the next week." Read more: Follow us: @smh on...
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    Best company for Uber vehicle financing

    A Perth-based Uber driver is suing the Silicon Valley giant for terminating him without notice, leaving him with $80,000 worth of car loans - one of which he says was spruiked by Uber. Read more...
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    Riders drinking beer and alcohol

    Stick by your guns; when I was a cab driver, they always came up with that old nugget "the last driver let us" (beers, 5 passengers with only 4 seat belts, whatever) = I used to turn the light on, say look at this face, this isn't the last driver :eek: That beer smell in the carpets is...
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    Deep Vein Thrombosis - Its a real issue if you drive too much

    Commiserations on the pneumonia, been there and done that too. And you don't really get over it for quite a long time, so look after yourself. Very good advice for all that take the time to read this; don't over do the driving, thanks for caring and sharing.
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    Rate low, get less requests

    Well, come on, when it's busy it's in no one's best interest to NOT provide the best service, eg. UBER, driver and the customer So I wouldn't worry about it, more scare tactics