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    How To: Never Get My Money

    I think of you all fondly every time I see an Uber decal on a windshield.
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    How To: Never Get My Money

    ... advertise yourself as the "Uber" of your industry. No thanks, I'll pass.
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    F ME

    If you aren't doing anything shady... are you using the Pax and Driver apps at same time to watch the other Ants? That will flag you.
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    What happens to stats if you quit and then come back?

    They deactivated me after about a month of not logging into the app. I deleted it from my device and got an email about a month later with instructions on how to get re-activated. I did 91 rides and decided driving is not for me. Focusing on trying to earn more passive income instead. This...
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    Driving with a little car damage?

    I wondered the same before I signed up, my vehicle, otherwise pristine, was hit (and run) when it was only 3 or 4 months old so I wasn't sure I could drive with this "cosmetic damage". It is a couple of gashes on pax side where an 18wheel trailer clipped it. It is not severe, a couple of small...
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    I got a strange PING...please explain

    we call that a bra where i am from
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    I got a strange PING...please explain

    pickup premium "may" apply meaning you might possibly get an extra 10 cents or so for driving all that way maybe
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    reporting weed tourists

    bong water smell is something else entirely i like smoky smells
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    reporting weed tourists

    i keep a clean car, but once i used it, the new car smell returned. car is 2 yrs old, 60k miles. i had seen it in stores but scoffed at the price. saw it highly recommended here worth every penny little bit goes a long way smells like lemon pledge furniture polish at first then like nothing
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    Leaving Uber and Lyft Behind, Decentralized Ride-Sharing Is the Next Big Thing

    5. a well organized group of drivers and some geeks and the open source code emerge as a rival to U/L, doing it better. say if an upstart offered a platform that would allow you to do everything you want to do as an uber driver see exact pickup and dropoff address set your own geofence so to...
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    reporting weed tourists

    am i the only person in the world who actually likes that aroma? i would never downrate someone for any smoke smell, be it cigs, cannabis, or campfire. i have ozium and windows that roll down.
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    Took U in the last 48 hrs,new rider , first day

    my thoughts exactly!
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    Got a tough Question: WRONG RIDER?

    i have yet to encounter someone who didn't know the name of the person who ordered the ride for them, if they are too drunk or drugged to know, no ride.