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    Build an ideal ride share business

    Doing it without Uber taking half the money.
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    West Lafayette

    Nah my Chevrolet is just fine. -Termie, who has no car payments to make
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    Infiniti JX35 (QX 60) transmission needs to be replaced. What would you do?

    Check the @@@@@@ fluid? Only problem I’ve ever had with my transmission was one time it was low..... -Termie, Chevy owner
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    Do you prefer short or long trips?

    I have found that the money I make on an out of town trip is more than I would have made by staying in town for the time to run and deadhead back. For the preceding sentence to be proven false would involve a sustained surge in the 2-3 range the entire time I am gone. That don’t happen often...
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    Can NWI driver pickup in Chicago?

    Ask that on the Chicago forum. I know you’ll need to obtain an additional permit to pick up in Chicago, but don’t know enough to answer any questions about it intelligently. -Termie, down at Purdue
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    Has anyone ever commented about your fun fact

    I’ve had pax comment on my fun fact. It reads that the reason my phone is not in a dash holder is because I know this town well enough to not need a map to tell me how to get to wherever I need to take them. Also mentions 15 years driving a taxi around here before Uber. I get compliments and...
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    High times going public

    If Indiana makes it legal.....yeah. -Termie, Lafayette
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    Another great Lyft pax name

    Was a few months ago.......had a name of “My Info” on a call.....turned out to be an ugly girl complaining about people looking at her at a her friends who were, well, quiet about it. I quietly laughed my fool head off....after she got out. -Termie, who’s name is my info
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    Febreeze vent clips rule from orbit. I get compliments on how my car smells right after I put one out. 2 years, 4.8 rating, still driving and smoking hard. It’s YOUR car, Hoss. Do what you wish. -Termie, smoker
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    What car does everyone drive?

    A red 2013 Chevy Impala. 180k miles and still rolling strong. Love it. -Termie, a Chevy man
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    Do you guys make (unplanned) stops if pax asks?

    You will get paid the same whether you put the stop in the app or not. U/L both watch the driver’s app for time and distance and nothing else. The only thing you’re doing by putting the stop in the app is giving yourself directions to and beyond the stop. Nothing else. Whether you stop or...
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    How I cured the vomit problem.

    So you’re cure is to avoid them. Well, you’re an independent contractor, so you do you. -Termie, who drives drunk people home
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    You have fill out form to get paid for pax stop?

    Suze.....I wouldn’t hold my breath. Uber deciding they need to give drivers extra money?! Come on now, you should know better than that.... -Termie, who knows better
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    What is the rule of multiple stops?

    You people that are whining about stops are cutting your own throats. The more you drive, the more you make. Period. If they want to stretch their ride for a few extra dollars by going to take their friend home first, let them. Make the money. Good God, it ain’t rocket science. And...
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    PAX Cancelled Ride After I Had Already Picked Him Up... "accidentally"

    Yeah I had that happen once. I immediately pulled over, told him he cancelled the ride after I started it, and he needed to request another ride immediately if he wanted to go anywhere. He fumbled around his phone a minute, and eventually requested another ride. I was thankfully the only...