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    Does Whatsapp show you 'Online' when Ubering?

    Force stop whatsapp in settings
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    Uber should promote tipping.

    Cheap people take uber because they don't want to pay for a real taxi. Cheap people dont wanna and most likely won't tip because they could end becoming $2 or worse $5 poorer. They could lose their house, become homeless, due to that $5 tip.
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    Talk to much.Talk to little.

    To talk or not to talk : that is the question o_O
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    Gun pressed against my face while I was driving last night... happy Halloween!

    Uber response is just a copy paste reply. I will make this very clear: THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE DRIVERS! Dude, this is a police case. Take this to the police and show them the trip history. They have the technology to track down the exact rider. Uber will not help.
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    Some taxi drivers are sweethearts

    Why wud u be such a jerk? I've come across many taxi drivers while ubering who didn't seem to show any enmity against me. They just said hi how u doing. At the end, we're all just trying to make a living, and not going on a road raging rampage.
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    Best Gas Card Rewards

    Esso has this card which gives you a discount on gas. However, it runs out fast and you have to purchase a new card after some time. Ultramar's gas prices are usually lower compared to other gas stations. Shell gas stations' prices are for some reason higher than most other gas stations. I try...
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    Pool never again

    I visited the Missisauga uber office last week to pickup my sticker. While there I asked to not receive pool requests. I was told I have to take pool. I asked why. And the guy said if I don't a) it would bring down my rating b) my acceptance rate would plummet. He also said if I continue...
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    facedrive: where drivers earn more..

    What are the chances that this company would become popular and known among the general public? I mean Uber is quite popular and to have it known among the general public would require a lot of effort. Uber is a billionaire corporation and to compete with it is almost impossible. I can't seem to...
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    Situation code red

    Then you clearly havent read Bill C-26, Self Defence and Defence of Property. Section 34 (1): SELF-DEFENCE 34 (1) A person is not guilty of an offence if (a) they believe on reasonable grounds that force is being used against them or another person or that a threat of force is being made...
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    Situation code red

    I dont understand why u need to be scared or even care that there are cabbies. Just say hi to them and continue ubering!! What can they really do to u? Ignore them
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    Situation code red

    Its ok to use against criminals & dangerous animals as self defense, if needed. Nah mean? ;)
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    Reported Issues

    Are you speaking from personal experience?
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    Reported Issues

    Some people are just straight up bastards. Someone reported me for lack of professionalism. Like what do u need? Wear a tuxedo and pick u up in a flashy black BMW?
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    buying new car

    DriveHer will take away almost most of the potential female passengers; thus cutting whatever income we make even more. I guarantee you DriveHer is really gonna hurt our income by at least 50%! That's gonna a real challenge for Uber and a real competitor.
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    Dangerous u-turn of a taxi driver

    If only he was t boned by a tractor trailer while in process Just sayin :rolleyes: