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    END of Uber Select

    This is the kiss of death for me. I have 11 Select customers who do "pre-arranged" airport trips with me and that is my bread and butter for the week.
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    Multiple stops

    If they don't have the stop entered I tell them I already have another pax request since THEY didn't enter the stop but I tell them I will come back after I drop off the other pax (yeah right).,
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    Does Uber care about its black passengers?

    There is no question there is business to be had there, I would say 50% of my requests are from low income neighborhoods and I pick them up. I said affluent pax are "more likely" to tip the best, There is no absolute but no it is not complicated - if you consistently migrate to the best areas in...
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    Does Uber care about its black passengers?

    It is a ridiculous article that ignores the simple and basic premise that every Uber driver is going to choose areas where they are going to be busy and most profitable like every other business would do such as restaurants and stores. I migrate to areas that are likely to get high volumes of...
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    Chapel Hill Postgame Light Sequencing

    Roy Williams is coordinating the traffic lights on game days.
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    Light em up

    Non peeping Tom's would not consider this as an issue of being a potential peeping Tom.
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    NC State Shuffle

    Yeah I understood he shuffled a solo male pax for time but I assumed it was the same couple from Wake Forest at the company party at Trophy but DD did say it was a solo woman. I guess it could have been another Select pax from the same party going to wake forest or the wife going home early. DD...
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    NC State Shuffle

    I actually drove that couple from Wake Forest to Trophy Tap Room. Great conversation, really friendly people then a $1 tip for a $40 Select ride. Wtf! I hope they tipped you better. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all tips as they pretty much pay for my gas but I can't recall any Select...
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    Please ignore this vent

    Similar glitch is pax have to scroll down to see the Select option/price, I have had many tell me they never saw it.
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    “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”!

    Were the canceled trips X or Select? I would be surprised if drivers cancel any Select trips as they are becoming more and more scarce. I could understand X drivers canceling as that would be about and hour and a half for around $35 assuming dead miles back.
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    Fayetteville to rdu

    Next time go to the strip clubs near Bragg Blvd around that time and you should get some pax coming home to Raleigh Tell Brandy at Secrets Cabaret that you know me and she will give you the Uber special lapdance.
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    NYE predictions

    It's gotta be the diamond rewards program, it was dead on arrival. I have heard the Henderson Subway accepts crack as a payment method but does not honor Uber rewards.
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    NYE predictions

    I just received the $5 and $20 quest. Will either stay home and watch Dick Clark or head up to Henderson to get some Select rides and cash in my diamond rewards at Subway.
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    No rental cars available in Raleigh for Uber drivers

    Has anyone had any success getting a rental car recently in the Raleigh area that is OK by Uber to add and use? I just took my car in for some repairs and after several confusing and contradictory calls with Uber I ultimately found out that the only companies who are contracted with Uber to...
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    Uber will now be sharing drivers First and Last name!? Is this true?

    Yeah I doubt most of sketchy/worst PAX are smart enough to locate my last name and address but if they do I don't really care or worry. Was just trying to verify if there is any actual legitimate proof to this rumor. 1572697641 Thank you, I did not see that. So is that some dumbass who has his...