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  1. swimmerbhs

    Passenger complaints.

    Well what if the local office is 200 miles away lol.
  2. swimmerbhs

    Uber should add a tip option in their app

    I wish Tallahassee had a Lyft too. However doubt anyone would actually tip around here.
  3. swimmerbhs

    PAX yesterday

    No, I can go out my door and get a student for FSU or FAMU. I would have to drive 5 miles just to get away from them.
  4. swimmerbhs

    I'm off to an inauspicious start this week

    I got something like that on Monday when I first opened the app when I left work to go online it said I had already done 10 hrs.
  5. swimmerbhs

    Integrate UBER app with vehicle on board navigation

    I have an in dash navigation system, sync with myford touch. Anyone know of a way to make the cars navigation work instead of the app so that I am not using so much data on the nav apps? And obviously not putting in by hand.
  6. swimmerbhs

    PAX yesterday

    If I were to get away from the college students I would have to drive about 5 miles out of the way and turn the app on then. Apart from the campuses of FSU, FAMU and TCC there isnt much in the way off non college students. Except for the state agencies and they still have some.
  7. swimmerbhs

    PAX yesterday

    I live in Tallahassee FL big college town with 2 universities so ya that would be a good guess
  8. swimmerbhs

    PAX yesterday

    I watched her rate me
  9. swimmerbhs

    PAX yesterday

    Ya think we should organize a union for ridershare drivers.
  10. swimmerbhs

    Tallahassee FL

    Tallahassee Should have their own city
  11. swimmerbhs

    Ping Sound Change

    I got a ping with a PAX in the car and she was like omg that is annoying can you shut it off. I told her no that was the uber app saying I got a pick for another ride request. She left a 1* rating because of it. And left feedback for me and says uber should not do that while you have someone in...
  12. swimmerbhs

    PAX yesterday

    Yesterday I picked up a pax 5.0, opened the door for her and even offered to put her bag in the trunk for her. She asked if I could make a stop before the destination and I agreed since it was on the way. Waited for her, short wait about 2 minutes and took her the rest of the way. After she...
  13. swimmerbhs

    Tax Attorney Here...Ask Away

    Tax Question.... I live in Florida and I am a Sole Proprietor of a photography business and know that if you have an office you can deduct cleaning expenses (i.e. equipment, chemicals, or services) of the office. If you also do Uber, can you deduct the same things? (i.e. carpet cleaner, vacuum...
  14. swimmerbhs

    Rating Discrepancy

    My rating of 4.85 on the partner app has been showing for 3 days the same with the ratings being added so I asked because on the dashboard it says 7.67. I gave the last passenger a 4 * so maybe that would make sense I dunno why we would need to know the last riders rating.
  15. swimmerbhs

    All drivers must use Waze.

    Google maps has had me on the wrong street before. The pax just laughed and told me his has done it before too.