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    Restaurants whose staff don't tip

    I noticed since tipping has been permitted pax don't want to talk, if you are big conversationalist and can tune into their retched lives the pressure is on to admit that the Uber ride was enjoyable and should be compensated appropriately.....consequently no speaky.
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    Starting trip question

    That's funny, sound of tires if my 8 year old Echo would generate it would be all they would get from me.....really I think this is a self esteem issue for another forum.
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    Opt out of Uber Pool

    If I drive again I will send a text first stating that tipping is now permitted.....see 'Tipping....what's this' thread below.
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    Tipping....what's this?

    It states: "The hired ride company is backing off of its previous “no tipping” policy, thanks to a proposed class action settlement in which drivers claimed the company have violated labor laws by discouraging tipping. The San Diego Union Tribune reportsthat drivers will now be allowed to ask...
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    Tipping....what's this?
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    Clarification on inspection

    Do they disengage the app without inspection?...not that it really matters
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    Clarification on inspection page says inspection not needed for Miami Dade, is it old? Received text that its expiring soon.
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    Not accepting pool at the airport

    For those who only accept surge rides asking for a pax to re request can lose you the surge rate if it happens to change. When I was driving regularly I asked Uber if I had to request a reevaluation of the fare every time a pool ride asked me not to pick up another passenger, they said yes it...
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    Not accepting pool at the airport

    I received a CSR response from Uber that I had successfully opted out of pool because of my safety concerns for me and the passenger. You are absolutely right, a glance off the road for a second at 70mph could easily be your last pool ride, how the police or DMV don't pull the plug on this I...
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    I gave my pax a dishonorable discharge the other night

    Sorry that was meant for Glados the Uber plant.
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    Uberpool in Broward

    Hey JJ, include the police and DMV, as stated elsewhere there is a difference between glancing at a map or checking a route compared to reading an address and name (and checking they are worthy enough to get in my vehicle). Its totally illegal to ask a driver to take his eyes off the road. I...
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    I gave my pax a dishonorable discharge the other night

    Glados, really amusing you think drivers give a toss any longer with your quasi legal crapola. I mean have you not read these pages!...ppl are finding it hard to drive for this rickshaw outfit and you want to keep everyone on the straight and narrow....amusing.
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    Uberpool in Broward

    If I accidentally take a non surge pool I ask them to re request as I find navigating 'midstream' dangerous....which it is. Checking your location on a map is different from reading a name and an address all the while driving, then trying to negotiate traffic to get to second pax address.
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    Miami Driver making 35/hr

    Nice JJ, thought I'd try my guaranteed hours today, the first ping in two months.....two hours I was done, the allure is gone.
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    High School Kids - Just getting lazy?

    I picked up what turned out to be a young teenager in Miami and dropped her deep into horse country in South Kendall or similar, as we chatted I realized she was a high school student and as the street lights ended and I had to look for my high beams!...the thought crossed my mind what kind of...