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    I have my full time job and work from home, but the cabin fever was aggravating me, so I decided to jump on Doordash. Grabbed my latex gloves and cloth face mask and decided to work a random Saturday in the Flint, MI area. Used only a quarter tank of gas and added on about 95 miles. Not...
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    Two and a half hours on a Saturday night and no requests

    I had a similar problem a few weeks back. Did you log off and log back on again? I did this after 30 minutes of no pings and then when I did this (logging off/logging back on), I almost immediately got a trip request.
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    Suggestions on living in a car

    I know people may be giving some funny responses, but I find none of this funny at all. If the OP should happen to live in the area, they are free to stay with me. I understand there are things that people must do, but living in one's vehicle shouldn't be one of them and besides that...
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    Dreaded weekend XL pickup

    A quest? How exciting!!! I love those side quests on Final Fanasty.
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    Gas price thread

    Isn't it strange how gas prices plunge in a presidential election year?
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    Ghost passenger

    I had to cancel 2 times. Girl was stuck in hotel elevator. The 3rd time I came back, she was ready. She was scared of the event, but I wasn't. She did not even question the cancel fees. This particular hotel has been on various paranormal shows and has been known for having weird...
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    How do you tip? Electronically⚡or Cash💰?

    Never carry cash. Always electronic tipping.
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    Airport trips are drying up in my market

    I was getting airport trips, but I also adjusted the times I drove, so I am seeing them less. On a related note, I hear airlines are getting sucker punched by less travelers and they are blaming it on coronavirus. They are not lowering fares, they are just decreasing the number of...
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    FML I pushed back on a low cleaning fee and had my shittiest Friday night, coincidence???

    This Friday was awful. Riders were pissed off, surge was running sky high, and I hung it up after 2.5 hours. I am no one's punching bag.
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    Is this your only source of income?

    Thank God, it is not. However, my heart goes out to the full time drivers. They get major respect from me.
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    Strangest Description of Car Smell

    Cocaine has a smell......?
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    Drivers' strategy for coronavirus

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    $400 Friday, whose with me?

    It is the Detroit area. Never will happen. But likely will hit over $ 100.