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  • I'm interested in tablet package. On page 16 out of 140 something so may be in there somewhere. Thanks

    I'm a reporter with BuzzFeed News. I'm working on a story about five-star ratings systems, and how they're fundamentally broken. I saw that you've posted on this topic in the past, and I was wondering if you'd be open to doing an interview? You can reach me here, at [email protected], or at 312.725.6571.

    Hey Steve. I saw your post with the tablets in the back seat. May I ask what you're using (app-wise) to "lock down" the tablets? Perhaps in Kiosk mode I'm guessing? Much appreciated if you can help here. I'm trying to figure out a good app, without any monthly fees (e.g. perpetual license), for such a simple lock-down procedure. Thanks!
    I don't think I can DM you because I'm a pretty new member. Did you see my post about the tablet? I think we can do something together. You're designing a high end version and I have a low end version. And I'm putting together the website to be able to handle all the credit card processing.
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