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  1. SoFloDriver

    Using Front and Inside Dash Camera

    I am in FL. I have one of these on the outside window of each rear door. Inside there's a sticker on the seat back that says "2 Way Dash cam Video/Audio recording for my protection and yours". Every pax that's mentioned it has said it was smart. Some haven't mentioned. Not one has been negative.
  2. SoFloDriver

    Samsung s9 / s9+ issues? ATT?

    I use Uber & Lyft with a Samsung tablet and they both lose connection all the time. I have to turn on my hotspot on my phone to end rides sometimes, or to get it to kick and route the damn ride so I know where I am going! 1551380340 If you get a tablet with cell service you can call and text...
  3. SoFloDriver

    Uber X vs Uber XL

    #3... Then the Pax goes back in after they see the up-charge, and re-rates you a 1star. LOL! Nice job!
  4. SoFloDriver

    Cancel ride after hitting start trip

    I don't start the trip till the pax is in and ready to go. Helps with the 'too many passengers" and "no car seat" and even the drunks...bye not in my car. LOL
  5. SoFloDriver

    free wireless car charger ,do you need?

    I am liking it so far...thank you Yan for the charger. I wish the rubber sleeves were a little longer to hold my thick Mophie case a little better, (I had to modify to fit by pulling the sleeves off the pins about .25") but the charging has been decent. My phone stays charged all day. It's very...
  6. SoFloDriver

    ISO SIMPLE nighttime IR lighting solution

    Effective Range: 50-80 feet - I'd say you're going to blow out any chance of any video.
  7. SoFloDriver

    No more long trip notifications

    Drive 30 mins for a $3.50 fare...sounds legit... :/
  8. SoFloDriver

    Mystro Goes Commercial

    Thanks...I’ll give it a shot but I did pay for Mystro and got a new cell tablet. Been almost flawless for a few weeks.
  9. SoFloDriver

    Pre arranged extra long trips.

    I only see a driver app for UZURV... how does it even work?
  10. SoFloDriver

    FL LUX Ins companies?

    Id like to hear from the people that drive lux/black in FL. Tell me who you have for insurance. I was told by Geico they’d cover me if I had a car that didn’t qualify for anything other than X/Pool...??? It’s not sitting well with me. Doesn’t seem legit. Thanks.
  11. SoFloDriver

    Tethered Tablet Contacting Pax W/Lyft?

    Wow I feel stupid! Thanks for your help. Just added the contact in my phone!
  12. SoFloDriver

    Tethered Tablet Contacting Pax W/Lyft?

    i use a tethered Samsung Tab to run Mystro w/both Uber/Lyft however I am unable to initiate contact with a passenger that is late or may not be in the indicated location. With Uber I can text them with the app... If they never call me or text me, I can’t get to my Lyft Pax. Am I missing...
  13. SoFloDriver

    Mystro Goes Commercial

    Been working great so far although i am only using it for Lyft. I tried grabbing Mystro but it says my trial is expired?? Oh well. Thanks for the help!
  14. SoFloDriver

    Mystro Goes Commercial

    Picked up a Galaxy Tab A for $100. Trying it in the next few days. Will post my thoughts.
  15. SoFloDriver

    Mystro Goes Commercial

    Nexus 7 is only upgradeable to Android 6.0.1 :/