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  1. Smiffpop

    SCAD rides

    I call them the #nevertippers
  2. Smiffpop

    Entrance Fees

    Went to pickup with Lyft on Friday night and was told at the gate it would be $10 to get in. So I pulled around called the fare and she agreed to pay the $10 in cash. I then called Lyft to ask about it and the guy had no idea. He told me any time that happens to call and they would put the fee...
  3. Smiffpop

    912 St. Pat's weekend

    Started at 10AM and finished at about midnight. Made $650 total.
  4. Smiffpop

    Verizon discount

    Just found out that if you have the unlimited plan from Verizon you get no additional discounts. You do get a discount on accessories in the stores.
  5. Smiffpop

    Hilton Head Island

    Add Hilton Head. I normally only drive Friday or Saturday night. I was doing pretty well until a couple of weeks ago. Seems like the summer killed it.