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  1. slabo101

    driver needed

    I own a transportation business.
  2. slabo101

    driver needed

    It isn't for Uber. I'm just trying to find a trustworthy legal driver. I can't hire someone full-time or even part-time. I just need someone who likes driving, knows what they're doing and is looking to make some money once in a while.
  3. slabo101

    driver needed

    I'm looking for a legal uber driver with some experience, a blue card and a clean driving record to drive my vehicle occasionally on days when I have a scheduling conflict.
  4. slabo101

    Stop driving in Rhode Island

    When I started in April 2014 it was 2.30 a mile. There weren't a lot of rides like now but the rides you got were great money. Somewhere in the middle would make alot more sense for retention. I use Uber as a rider and 9 out of 10 drivers I get "just started"
  5. slabo101

    Livery Plates & Insurance

    Actually, the trooper is partially right. According to the rules of the PUC's motor carrier division the whole premise of Uber in RI is illegal. Even if you comply with the hackney license (blue card), public plates and commercial insurance of a minimum 1.5 mil dollars you still can't operate a...