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  1. SisterSoldier

    When a pax asks this...

    I hate when passengers get in my car, we are off to a good conversation and they ask "so is this all you do?" Tf. Mind your business. Sometimes I take it as an insult like so all you do is drive? You don't have a real job or career. At the end of the day I probably make more in a day than my pax...
  2. SisterSoldier

    SuperBowl Sunday

    Well I drove and made out pretty good last night, sooooo
  3. SisterSoldier

    SuperBowl Sunday

    Yeah most of the day I'll be relaxing, but since I'm not driving tomorrow much, I might as well see what I can get. Thank you for your positivity Robert :)
  4. SisterSoldier

    SuperBowl Sunday

    Just because your not driving or feeling some type of way about me driving doesn't mean you have to comment. Don't comment then, thanks!
  5. SisterSoldier

    SuperBowl Sunday

    Surge is going to be booming tonight folks. The rain should subside by noon. Who's cashing out tonight? (:
  6. SisterSoldier

    Dealing with PAX who smell like cigarettes..

    You know I have forgotten about blunt power! I use to love that stuff. I use to be an avid smoker & blunt power was the best in masking that smell lol. Plus your right they do smell super good. I'll try to invest in some soon. Thank you miss.
  7. SisterSoldier

    How was it today? Hope everyone met their quotas.

    Today was good for me, I got back to back requests from 6 am - 4:30 pm. & I only took a couple of breaks. Today was surprisingly busy.
  8. SisterSoldier

    Picking Up Riders In The Dark

    I always drive to where the pin is dropped and search for the house number, I have really bright head lights, and I wear glasses but sometimes it's so dark I can barely see so I switch on my high beams to find the house number and I'm good. If I don't see anyone for a couple mins, I text or call...
  9. SisterSoldier

    Where is my 1099 Uber?

    That doesn't make any sense. Uber is playing with peoples income and finances. It shouldn't be this hard to get ahold of something that should already be in the app like Lyft does for its drivers.
  10. SisterSoldier

    How early do you start driving?

    I start my day off around 5:30-6 AM, What time does everyone start driving ?
  11. SisterSoldier

    Dealing with PAX who smell like cigarettes..

    Yeah I just continue to tell myself that and crack my windows. Smh, some people are so strong when they get in that I gag -___-
  12. SisterSoldier

    Dealing with PAX who smell like cigarettes..

    So this isn't all the time, but most of the time when I drive, I always manage to pick up someone who smells like a whole damn pack of cigarettes I keep Ozium in my car to spray after they get out of my car, which tends to help most times...but the scent still lingers for a minute after they get...
  13. SisterSoldier

    Where is my 1099 Uber?

    Hey guy! So usually Uber will post when you first open the app, "your 1099 is available" , "file your taxes with TurboTax" blah blah blah , but I have not been seeing this when I open the app. I have already gotten my 1099 from driving for Lyft. Is anyone else having this issue?
  14. SisterSoldier

    Who's going out in the snow?

    Not bad for one trip but it is at 2 and a half hours. Sheesh.
  15. SisterSoldier

    Snow Storm: Atlanta 2018

    So with the winter storm, power outages in many cities across Georgia, boredom strikes and people therefore insist on requesting rides because they probably don’t want to drive themselves, are stuck wherever they are, or simply still want to “go out” despite the warnings to stay off the roads. I...