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  • I had a question after im done with the 156 payments with the uber xchange program, am i able to keep the car and buy it from them? or do i have to return the car to the leaser "Uber" ? and i still dont know how it works i have an appointment for the 7th of January with Toyota SAnta Monica to check out the cares im planning on getting a pre used car from them, i dont want a new one and make higher payments.
    Hey, I think I remember reading somewhere that you got a good deal on your Xchange Lease by shopping around and going to a dealer in another area...I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions on the program
    Hey bro I saw a post where you got a uber Xchange Honda from Whittier. Did you have to make an appointment to go there first? Or did you just show up
    Going this way and that way.
    sidewazzz Wellcome to the forum. Please read your Partnership Agreement. You have 30 Days from signing up to drive to Opt-out of Binding Arbitration.
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