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    New Fare Details From Uber. What are they?

    What you can do is the money you never received to pay business taxes on... Do a 1099 form back to them for the funds they received. It is legal, because you only suppose to pay taxes on money you received not what other parties received. They are making your business income taxes higher if you...
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    Car accident with passenger deactivated

    Inbox me, I drive and I am a insurance adjuster... I probably can help you out!!!
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    2016 Tax Forms

    I agree, I am going to report them because they need to claim their own income.... They added their fees into your taxes, you all need to go back and calculate your income per month because you all are getting screwed... You will be paying business taxes on what they received and that a load of...
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    Question for XL drivers

    He's right.... Just report it...
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    What's up with the people with their DOGS!!!!

    They cannot discriminate against me because I have bad allergies to animals. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen...
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    What's up with the people with their DOGS!!!!

    I got 2 requests for people with dogs. The first person called me and asked. The second did not say anything and walked out like I was entitled. I have a real bad reaction to animal hair and did not have a Epi-pen.... I did not take neither one of them anywhere considering it was last minute...
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    I just dropped off a Multi-Million Air at the airport(No Tip)

    I would have rated his azz bad too... I have picked up several celebrates too, and did not get anything considering the were going to strip clubs where you have to have cash for the enertainment. It's sad to know that people are that inconsiderate, I used to tip in restaurants until I starting...
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    Need to get to Hattiesburg, MS from MSY

    Unless you guarantee a good tip... but they have some idiots that will do this no realizing the cheap price... It's best to catch the Amtrak to Hattisburg
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    Really!!! Sad broke Celebrities :

    That's an excuse that they all say but if it was a taxi, they would tip.....
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    Really!!! Sad broke Celebrities :

    Yesterday, I picked up one of the property brothers from on that little show, on HDTV..... And He did not tip neither, so sad... So, if you see someone that's a celebrity run. He rating was a 5.0... With an *after the 0..... I thought that was weird, but I rated his as bad the same way I do...
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    MSY trips to JP

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    New driver...advice needed!

    I know this is a joke!!!!! LOL. Nobody makes that kind of money anymore in New Orleans.....
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    New driver...advice needed!

    You make pennies driving all night. This UBER thing is over-saturated with drivers. From what I heard, people work all week (7 days) almost 12 hours a day and barely make $600.00... So if you wanna work 84 hours a week to make $600.00, then go for it...
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    People crazy!

    They are liars that's why!!!! There is no way nobody seen those type of surges since New Years !!! LMAO
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    Received "promotion" fee for Thursday's national outage

    A friend of mine got 46.00 and haven't worked in about 2 months.... I rec'd nothing and worked Thursday and Friday... what a load of crap...