I refuse to just grow old and die, or settle for the status quo.

Nothing good happens in a herd mentality, at least with me, from my experience.

I go opposite of the herd, ALL the time, and I win more than I lose when I bet on myself.

Your believing in 'tomorrow' is a lie your mind tells your heart, which gives you rest because you think you 'have time', so you wait.

Waiting has killed more people, in more ways, than you can imagine.


Right Now.

When you realize NOW is really all you have, you live differently.


Disclaimer: Everything I say is to be considered my opinion and/or satirical. I am not an employee of Uber, my comments should have no effect on your opinion of Uber. All of my posts are to be read by independent drivers exclusively. If you are not an independent driver, please disregard all my posts and put me on your "blocked list", I cannot be held liable for anything you read or interpret from my posts. Nothing written in my posts may be quoted, paraphrased, or referenced anywhere, except for on or with my expressed consent obtained through private message.


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