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  • Hey Shangsta, what are the fresh blocks like? done any 2 hour deliveries with fresh? would like info on how it goes. Please reply or send me a message.
    Remove what you said on that "I got the fee thread" it's an exploit and if uber puts one and one together to pinpoint who you are, you are getting roasted, turn on your conversation to explain in private.

    Edit your post.
    Hello, I saw your postings, released you have enough experience with Uber. My uber account was deactivated due to rider claim in June. Can I reapply again with new number and email ? 6 month passed so how uber can notice me in the system if I create second account ? As you told you have two uber accounts, can you share with me your experience? Thank you in advance...
    Is there a message feature on this forum? Is this it? I need a small favor from a Seattle driver and you seem like one of the together ones.
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