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    Hammond Area

    I will agree it never surges.I make far less by staying in Hammond, yet I am not 45 minutes from home at the end of the night. Most of my trips are on the lower end $4-5. Hammond is small so are the runs. My wife does good during the day. If y'all are ever in the area honk or stop and say hello.
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    Hammond Area

    Passed out cards in Hammond area 3 weeks ago. I have LED Scrolling signs on my front and back dash to indicate the Uber is in the Area. I was even contacted by the Hammond Police on several occasions to assist in getting folks home. How many of you are driving in the area. Just wondering, I only...
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    How Close Do You Drop Off PAX

    I always ask where would they like to be dropped off.
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    Lyft in Baton Rouge

    Steve are you based out of Hammond as me and my wife are? We both drive UBER. text 9856349609
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    Drive Thru.

    I don't turn down rides. I'll take you to a drive thru if needed. Folks always ask If I want something to eat and I rarely take them up on it. I am 4.95 rated with just around 400 trips. I take care of people, as I would want them to do for me.