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    EDD certify

    I love EDD
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    EDD certify

    Anyone having issues accessing the login portal on the EDD site ?
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    Ran out of handout money now ready to double dip...

    Went to Vegas won $4,000, had a girl, ❄️ And dinner at Yellow Tail with limo.
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    What’s up with the random 300?

    Got $600 deposit today. 2 $300 deposits
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    New Topic- Stock Market

    Some guys post about a bubble or doomsday but ever since March others have taken advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity
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    New Topic- Stock Market

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    New Topic- Stock Market

    $LCA !!!!!! Merger with GoldenNugget sooon. Look it up. Get in now
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    $300 boost

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    Is your life worse because of Uber/Lyft

    People still do Rideshare? Interesting
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    Let’s organize protest in Los Angeles against ab5

    And you just joined today? Dara don’t you have better things to do
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    New Topic- Stock Market

    Any idiot has made money in the market since March. Stonks have only gone up
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    My new Investment office

    New office location Cancun , Mexico. Mexico has been more expensive. This is why my go to place is Colombia. Waiting for the country to open so I can open my full time investment office lol