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  • Hi!
    We're Nef Jones Casting, and we’re casting a commercial using actual Lyft or Uber drivers. Must be based in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx or Brooklyn.
    We are filming people in their work spaces, which for you, would mean your car. This is a paid shoot that would take less than a day.

    If you or anyone you know might be interested, email us at: Juliet (at) NefJonesCasting period com

    Casting Associate
    If I am going to finance a car and purchase it in NJ. What are the proper steps to take and tell the dealership to be able to register my car in NY without any complications?

    Uber is saying that I need the power of attorney and the certified copy of the title. My dealership said it takes 15 days for them to get the title and plates. How do I get the power of attorney and expedite this process?
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