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    Feeling nostalgic

    Huh?!?! There was enough demand at that time because driver saturation was just becoming a problem. In fact you never saw anyone in Henry they're all the way down past Lovejoy. What do you mean by making a killing at the airport. You couldn't do pickups at one point because of the...
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    Uber, Lyft drivers will soon have higher DUI standard than other motorists

    Welcome to commercial driving. With a CDL I can't do no more than a .04 even in my personal vehicle and off duty.
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    Feeling nostalgic

    Yeah, that's when I started. I think I still have that sheet somewhere just to show people this is why people are angry now with
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    What Did It USED To Be Like?

    Back then yes you were. It wasn't til around October of 2014 that the Google platform went live and you had the option. People were turning in their phones with the quickness...especially since Uber was charging $10 a week as a rental...smh
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    What Did It USED To Be Like?

    March of 2014 was $1.46 a mile and 15% commission. More opportunity to make money during bad weather and events. Not nearly as many drivers. We had the stupid iphone4 uber phone that would go dead in an hour if not on a charger. The app had no navigation and people would just have to tell you...
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    Is it slow enough for ya?

    Welcome to Atlanta for the holidays. Every year it's like this for the most part. Car service is a tough business around here with lack of consistency
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    Uber Says It Will Start Offering Flying Taxis In 2020

    Actually I remember NDB approaches and the ADF was quirky as hell. At that time they just started GPS overlays and WAAS was brand new. Flying works great because it's point to point, but implementing a taxi...not so much. You'll never be able to stay out restricted airspace for too long and not...
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    Uber Says It Will Start Offering Flying Taxis In 2020

    Exactly. So many regulations and airspace restrictions from the FAA. Good luck with this one. The technology isn't even there yet. There's a lot more to flying than being airborn.
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    Uber Says It Will Start Offering Flying Taxis In 2020

    I hope you people really don't believe this...lmao! Next thing you know Uber is going to partner with Expedia for weekend getaways to the! They sound like a penny stock or MLM scheme now. This is even too far fetched for those types of companies.
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    Air Uber

    Lmao! What a fluff piece to stir up more investment money. Uber must be bleeding to come up with this crap. They should put a disclaimer in the article For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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    @casualehaberdasher - In Memorium sorry to hear this.
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    Westside *New Hotspot*

    Even that area is starting to get gentrifued...smh
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    Augusta Airport lol

    They gotta wind the rubber
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    I wouldn't expect it to be anything like 3 years ago. The rates were twice as high, the surges weren't capped, and there were a lot less drivers on the road then.
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    How much should you get paid? ATL Airport to Buford?

    Would have been nice