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    New here. How do i make friends?

    What kind of friends are you looking for buddy?
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    My turn by turn is now a guy.

    This has happened to me before. The situation was really embarrassing. I even can't detect the voice whether it is male or female?
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    T Mobile Mostly Down ..

    Is this happening in all T-Mobile? I don't use T-Mobile. So no better idea on this. Thank you for let us know.
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    Looking to buy electrical scooters?

    As far as I know, a scooter is used for short-distance not for long. I have seen too many guys who are using a scooter in order to go to their office like 5-7 km every day. For short-distance travel, a scooter is good enough.
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    Greetings from Westchester County, NY

    That's great! Stick to your job and get success. All the best!
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    Do any of you use an LLC?

    Thank you so much for the explanation. I even didn't know much about LLC. But got some good guidelines here. All the best!
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    Greetings from Westchester County, NY

    Much excited to meet up with you dude. And also glad to know that finally, you have been able to join and decide to start with uber. You'll get lots of valuable info from here. Just visit and enjoy this community.
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    Another newbie

    Glad to see you here dude. Hope you'll enjoy this uber community. :)
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    Uber x in preferences has disappeared

    Nope, not yet. Looks the situation is embarrassing you are facing. Restart your phone and then on again. Hope this could be helpful for you.
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    iPhone question

    Glad to hear that you got the solution itself. I usually post on the iPhone forum if this kind of the problem arises.
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    Covering the camera

    Where are you going and which camere is with you?
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    Do any of you use an LLC?

    Me too! Interested in learning about it.
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    Looking to buy electrical scooters?

    Where are you from? Are you looking for yourself or your family members?
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    Any reason not to switch to iPhone?

    I don't see any special reason unless the cost. As far as I know, day by day the number of iPhone users is increasing. People are much more comfortable using the iPhone.
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    What is your ultimate phone holder?

    What's your budget to buy a new phone? Do you have any choice?