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    One starred by Leftist Totalitarian pax

    I strongly suggest you do just that, Reg!
  2. RideshareUSA

    I Smell A Fish

    @5⭐OG will learn the hard way. We all did!!!
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    Attended my local Uber holiday party tonight......photos attached

    If I were you, I would've told the chick in the Uber shirt to shove the football and ice scraper up her _______ and _______! 1576033353 😐 Damn right!
  4. RideshareUSA

    I Smell A Fish

    Yes he did, in addition to the entire fare too! You're obviously still very green at this. You'll learn.
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    I Downrated a PAX for not tipping. And now I regret it.

    Try keeping your useless opinion to yourself. And yes, I make significantly more than you at this rideshare shit!
  6. RideshareUSA

    I Downrated a PAX for not tipping. And now I regret it.

    Time for you to change, then! 1576020106 And it's people/drivers like you, that perpetuate the B.S. rideshare/paxhole culture. Way to go :thumbup:
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    7I need an interpreter

    Well, I guess I have to edit this post in lieu of my previous being deleted. Thanks Reg :thumbup: "coming outside _____" Can this be said here?
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    The Worst Job You've Ever Had?

    How much? 1575986332 My guess: Not Fun!!!
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    I kid you not

    Hey! What the hell is that supposed to mean? Ya know, some of us are actually, Dollar Tree regulars! 🤑
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    I Smell A Fish

    - Early morning ping from Dean. - Dean then calls to inform me that the pick up address is different and that there is another stop as well. But not to worry, he'll tip me very generously! Uh huh, riiiggghht! - I request he updates it. He claims not knowing how to? - The new address is a...
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    Ratings for UP Members & Mods

    Seems everything today is subject to the 5 star rating system. So why is there not one in place for UP? Both members and mods would be subject to it. How should it be structured? 🤔
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    Weather and tire pressure

    Not as much in your tires, as in your brain!
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    T.O.S. Question

    TOS Stating Waste
  14. RideshareUSA

    T.O.S. Question

    Three times. Pax agreed each time.