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    Interesting. I had at least a dozen medical workers last week. All UberX. I’m wondering if this has been rolled out on the rider’s end yet. Or maybe Uber is purposely making it hard to find. Lol. It looks like they’ll discount their cut from the rides. We shall see.
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    I never thought I’d see the day.

    There’s an option in the app inbox. And yes, no one is safe. Y’all should stay home. More work for me.
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    I never thought I’d see the day.

    Today I received a 10 pack of masks I requested from Uber two weeks ago. They’re actually good ones too.
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    Another punch in the gut.

    Ohhh. I never heard about their offer of cleaning supplies. The government should really kick in for us. They know we’re driving medical workers to and from work.
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    Another punch in the gut.

    If you’re in need, I have friends who are making them from vacuum bags for donation to all in need. They set me up yesterday. They have a bunch of latex gloves left too. Send me a message if you need. And that goes for everyone here as well!
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    Another punch in the gut.

    My AR magically bounced up to 87 today. All good. Be safe friends ✌️
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    Another punch in the gut.

    This makes no sense. I have 1,867 total trips since I started driving.
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    Another punch in the gut.

    Anyone’s acceptance rate take a huge nosedive? Last year mine was around 10-15% until they started the Uber Pro feature where you need 85+ to get the perk. I brought mine up to around 90% and been hovering there ever since. Logged on tonight and my AR dropped to 64. Now the rate is based on all...
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    Back to history with KALANICK 9/11/2001.

    Perfect timing for this topic. The University of Alaska Fairbanks just released it’s final report of their four year study that scientifically proves WTC7 did not collapse from fire. See here...
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    Silly pax buying into the fear mongering.

    Dude asked me if I have a gun. I said no. He's like, are you serious?!! Do you have supplies? Me: Yeah, I have plenty of toilet paper. Dummy: You know the people with guns are gonna take your supplies. You know that, right?!! Me: Yeah, that's fine... Dummy: I'll tip you in the app. Me: I'll give...
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    From what I hear, this new Myle app is supposed to keep TLC drivers busy. Will we see relief on Long Island? They say 5,000 drivers signed up the first day.
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    Let’s hear it for Uber 🎉

    It makes you wonder why they’re not capping drivers on LI when this is the kind of money they’re making on surges. BRB, looking up the definition of “significant portion”
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    Must be that time of the month for her... I once had a guy asked me to roll all four windows down all the way before he stepped foot in the car because he “despises” air fresheners. Sure, no problem. Funny thing is, I didn’t have an air freshener at the time. People are weird.
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    No surge weekend

    Yes. Started in Suffolk. Ended in Nassau.
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    No surge weekend

    I only drove 3 hours last night. 12:30-3:20am. Caught a few decent surges. This one actually had good adjustments. Can’t complain.