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    Preparing to strike

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    Promotions for Drivers over 1500 trips

    Guys, this thread is so old. THERE ARE NO BONUS/PROMOTIONS FOR 1,500 DELIVERIES. PERIOD!!!
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    Definitely going to get Bad Rating

    This happened to me once, and when i arrived i explained to the customer that she wrote her request for spicy mustard in the delivery instructions. She said i know im sorry i saw it after i did it, no worries.
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    Draw bridge!!!!

    Can you clarify what you mean by wait time? Is it waiting at the restaurant and/or waiting at the customer?
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    Thumbs down for not filling restaurants drinks

    The real issue here, and one that I have brought up to Uber support several times, in fact every time I call them to complain about a restaurant, is that we don't know if Uber even does anything about it. I told them, if you want me to start going to so and so restaurants again, you need to...
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    Thumbs down for not filling restaurants drinks

    That's what blacklists are for!!!
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    I'm done with UberEats with new fare!

    The reason I posted them is because the new pay rates were supposed to kill our earnings, but I haven't seen it yet.
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    UE notified me of customer report indicating I didn't complete a delivery

    I got flagged for fraudulent activity too. 1. An old lady didn't get what she expected from McD. She probably ordered wrong. Besides, McD seals their bags. 2. Leave on doorstep. I did, and also screen shotted the text message and the food on the doorstep. These both happened on the same day...
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    Tip for my tip?

    I really love your style!!! Lucky mother and partake in the same sentence!!! :biggrin::roflmao:
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    Pick-Up in Mall Food Court??

    I didn't even know Uber does Chick-fil-a. There is one in my area and I have never been sent to it.
  11. Rickos69

    I'm done with UberEats with new fare!

    Guys, I am actually making some money since last Monday. At least I think I am, unless others expect to make more in the same time period.
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    Uber And Lyft Won't Admit What They Are

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    I happened to talk to a female driver while we were both waiting to pick up at the same restaurant. We compared boosts and quests. Exactly the same. The reason we compared was that she did not know about a running quest and I told her to go in and look. It was there.
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    Uber Eats confusing new fares.

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    March 14 Promo, Will the roads be swamped with drivers?

    Obviously, they knew not who they were dealing with!!! Good for You!!!:biggrin::roflmao: