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    From Mississauga to Niagara Falls - $40.

    Sounds like you have been ubered ol chap. Yet another victim.
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    The triple whammy ping

    Shoulda kept it
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    Have been Ubered

    Looks like they didn't use any lube either. Here's my recommendation, when you're starting a trip, especially a long one, ask the customer in a nice way if you can see their receipt/email/app when you're dropping them off because you'd like to ensure they didn't get overcharged. Take a pic of...
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    Loaded civic 5 big people

    That's some pretty fast big folk.
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    PAX lol

    That's on you mate. Could have cancelled and gotten $3.75 instead.
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    Can someone explain this?

    You've been ubered ol' chap. They didn't use lube either. Hurts eh? I was watching Braveheart the other day. Similarities to uber and the drivers came to mind.
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    Where do you potty train?

    Hard way as in you had to get your car seats professionally cleaned?
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    Bot talk

    It's been like this for months now mate. Can't do anything. Best thing to do is find another job. Unless you can afford to get ubered day in, day out.
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    Celebrating 2500 "5stars"

    Looks much more realistic with photoshop. Just saying.
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    Are police targeting Uber Drivers?

    He probably wasn't while driving the pax to the destination. There usually isn't any reason to. Police officer has to catch you "in the act" to charge you. Wonder if OP has cam in car.
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    "We're now showing riders the fare they can expect for their trips before they even request"

    It means you just got ubered. Going to a hub may help but there's no guarantee you won't get ubered by them also.
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    Two disastrous back to back pool trips today

    Hope you got the first one adjusted for X.
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    Here ... have fun guys

    Dang. I stand corrected. Thanks mate! Now which way to that ESL class?
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    Gas savings between winter tires and all season ?

    No. Thread closed. Lol.
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    Here ... have fun guys

    You sure it wasn't to your ESL class? :rolleyes: This sense of entitlement is ridiculous man. They need a reality check. The world is in chaos and they're selfish af.