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    How Do You Use"Dead Time?"

    I normally drive weekend nights. When it's dead I go to a 711 get something to drink and sit in my car playing games on my phone.
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    Ummm, Where's the Surge?

    The warehouse district was a shit show. W. 6th and lakeside were blocked off by the cops. I had to have my pax walk to meet me. The first two seemed all right then the complaining and rudeness started. I ended up kicking them out and ending the ride when one of them was puking out the door...
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    How many far away Ride request did you get during the Snow??

    I was in Fairview Park and got a request in Parma. I think it was surging at 2, I declined it. Ended up picking someone up a block away with a 2.2 surge and took them out to North ridgeville and got a tip. I was tempted to head downtown since it was still surging by the roads were crap at...
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    2nd cancelled ride in middle of trip - Karma served

    I had a pax who was drunk and accidentally cancelled the ride. He quickly realized and my phone notified me. We were 1/2 mile from his destination so he gave me $20 to drop him off and apologized profusely.
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    I don't like the new rider app.

    Anyone else have issues with riders not putting their actual location last night? Usually, I'll have one or two a week if that. Last night I had 6 out of almost 40 rides and some were off by a few miles.
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    Interesting comment from an RNC worker...

    I think the 15th they are running a deal from a text I got from them: "UBER: We are running a fun on-demand event in Cleveland on 7/15 and are looking for partners to help! Partners will be compensated. Sign-up here"