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    I might have the Corona virus now.

    The coronavirus has a two-week incubation period. You wouldn't be showing symptoms this quickly.
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    "I'm running late"

    Did they tip?
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    Got the Lyft switcheroo yesterday...

    2% too much
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    Safest Driver Contest

    I did a plug-in for Liberty Mutual insurance for 90 days called right track. I qualified and received a 20% discount. Believe me it was not easy.
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    How many people here have never been a pax???

    Never a Pax.
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    Going OFF ROAD to pick up a passenger!

    No way Jose 🤬
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    Rain songs 🌧🌧🕺🕺😬😬

    What's more depressing than a rainy Monday morning? A rainy Monday morning listening to The Carpenters. 😓
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    Rain songs 🌧🌧🕺🕺😬😬

    CCR "Who'll stop the rain".
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    AWKWARD: If a Pax sneezes, do you bless them?

    Just say Gesundheit.
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    Which song sums you up best?

    AL Bundy is my Hero. Who's Randy?
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    Which song sums you up best?

    Bad to the Bone 😎
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    Photo verification and Uber Support

    I'm surprised to see they're still doing airport runs into January?
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    How I screwed myself out of $500

    Hell of a way to start the New Year. Just like the bumper sticker "Shit Happens". Who knows, could be a blessing in disguise. Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity for 2020.
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    What are you wearing 🙊

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    What are you wearing 🙊

    Barf resistant apparel of course.