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    Weekend Earnings, Any improvements?

    It was a very bad Saturday and too much traffic. Made £140/12 hours
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    Is this legal???

    If I became PM of this country I would take the finger print of every British Citizen. In this way I get rid of crimes especially drugs. 1600548242 Possibly he was a drug dealer.
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    MOT/ vehicle licence renewal

    That is because He didn't do it at the right spot.:laugh:
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    Is this legal???

    to hide the the crimes they committed. Well, now time for me to go to prepare my dinner. I have been fasting since yesterday dinner. I am going to have raw fruits and vegetables and cooked lentils, chickpeas, spinach and mushroom.
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    what would you recommend?

    My 2017 is £17500.00, 65k miles
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    Is this legal???

    Well, the criminals say the same thing. A criminal in court, found guilty, was saying: "God my witness, I am innocent". Only criminals are sensitive to police.
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    What the HELL is going on ?????

    Nothing. Road works are road works, we have to live with it. It never ends.
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    tfl english test

    and you to become their prison guard.
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    Police Back Uber To Keep Licence

    A warning to both of you, don't sleep tonight. Uber will come to strangle you in your nightmare.
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    Who is your ancestor?

    No, a house keeper in SS
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    tfl english test

    Lucky you.
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    Is this legal???

    To fight crimes, I am happy uber passes my details to the police.
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    Black cabs have it all.

    But you can not afford it. You either rent it or lease it.
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    MOT/ vehicle licence renewal

    A spray of the same paint was enough to cover it. This must have happened at car washes. The same thing has happened to one mirrors of my car.
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    tfl english test

    So now they changed it to September 2021. They have been changing it year after year since 2017.