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    Does everyone carry water bottles and mints?

    Looks like people are finally seeing that being a driver, you get looked after from both ends.
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    Old Takes $5.71 From me

    I was thinking more ...ahhroooooogaahhhh
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    Old Takes $5.71 From me

    Why is there no mention that you informed them about the details of the trip e.g. time, address, distance, rider name etc? Even the apps don't trust you :roflmao:
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    Uber Turns Surge Up

    Here is a screen shot of a couple years back. And the surge map cleared away in each direction I went, hence my Moses profile pic. Previous NYE was great earnings, but Its like once you've had some good money its time to repel any more treats for you lol. After the surge no longer comes your...
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    Tips and Tricks for Ubering in Brisbane

    I rarely read anywhere, from drivers who claim to be smarter than most, share their ways to help other drivers in here, or any other place. No secret is ever explained by them with just the general smarter and harder formula. Only ignorance is shared when the discussion brings up legitimacy of...
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    Tips and Tricks for Ubering in Brisbane

    Facts are facts and neither of us are above them. So if someone asks you a question and you respond like an nasty child to avoid the answer, don't expect to be cuddled and asked for forgiveness because of your touchy ego. My replies had nothing to do with sparing or nit picking petty things...
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    Tips and Tricks for Ubering in Brisbane

    The accurate statement would be, its pointless to push your opinion across without resorting to childish tantrums and name calling. But for those unfamiliar with your previous profiles they will be able to work out by reading the repeat rubbish you post again with your fake info, no real data...
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    Tips and Tricks for Ubering in Brisbane

    When you dont have an answer for something you act like 10yo.
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    Tips and Tricks for Ubering in Brisbane

    I did read it. You should try reading what you write for a change instead continually contradicting your last posts. One thing you are accurate about though is you "guess" alot.
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    Tips and Tricks for Ubering in Brisbane

    If all you did was make a positive comment, then I wouldn't be reading all the positive responses.
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    Tips and Tricks for Ubering in Brisbane

    Don't confuse the word positive with the word accurate. Anyone happy with their situation does not need, to convince others of their success, nor have time to be on any website defending their choice and seeking any validation. Anyone half intelligent can filter out troll comments e.g. Taxi...
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    $1.67.7 a litre, 0uch time out for me

    That would be the Roman god called Sterquilinus. In Roman mythology, Sterquilinus ("manure" or "feces") -- also called Stercutus and Sterculius -- was god of feces.
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    Too many Ubers

    According to your post, he shouldn't listen to you either. I am curious to read more about what you tested and also your understanding how and how the algorithm works to debunk the common experience nearly all drivers eventually experience once they are no longer newbie. Any Uber driver...
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    Uber Eats targets business customers in Australia ahead of IPO

    I have to correct you on your last sentence and refresh your memory with wise words below. :biggrin:
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    Cairns 24 Hour Ubereats?

    Even Kanye thinks you're not right in the head.