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  • Hey PTCGUY! I normally drive Monday thru Friday, morning till evening. I even have a lady I pickup everyday From Kennesaw and drop in Midtown. You seen to be the only level headed guy on here. I may start driving a Saturday now and then. Where is good on a Saturday. I'm not into the minute to 3:00am crowd. More like the day and early evrning? Thanks

    "This is why you save your nonaccept rides til the end so you can stay on the clock. "
    You are so right, PTCGUY! I should have included this tactic in my reply. I do this myself, always trying to compute my acceptance percentage accurately, before and after. LOL. Thanks for your comment!
    you are the master of guarantees brother, do you mind looking for the thread in new orleans about guarantees posted by jodie and clear up questions. specifically about getting in your required trips and then go hide for several hours with app on..thanks man!
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