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    Uber drivers plan another work stoppage at midnight Saturday to protest Uber's low rates

    Uber drivers plan another work stoppage at midnight Saturday to protest Uber's low rates TAMPA — It may not be easy to Uber this weekend: Ride-share drivers say they plan to continue their protest against the company's lower fares by staging a work stoppage starting at midnight today. Earlier...
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    Operation Cruise SoHo-UBER OFF for one hour, Midnight to 1am.

    Operation Cruise SoHo-Location change JAN 16 Operation Cruise SoHo-Location change Event for Tampa Bay Rideshare · at 11 PM - 1 AM Jan 16 at 11 PM to Jan 17 at 1 A Show Map Memorial Hospital of Tampa 2901 W Swann Ave, Tampa, Florida 33609 UBER OFF for one hour, Midnight to 1am. This is...
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    ZELLO Channel Tampa Bay

    Check out the Tampa bay lyft channel on Zello Tampa bay lyft For Ridesharing DRIVERS ONLY
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    Join the cause...

    If you are participating in our Actions we are taking to protest please join this channel it will only be used for those days Check out the Tampa Uber Protest channel on Zello Tampa Uber Protest Zello channel ZELLO.ME|BY ZELLO INC
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    Ratings missing?

    mine is still there
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    Lyft has followed Uber in regards to Rate Cuts!

    Winter Strategy Update No driver likes a price change, so we try to make them only when we have to. We know from testing prices in the past that affordability is the first consideration in getting passengers to take Lyft. With recent price changes from the competition, we need to take...
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    When do the passengers see the ratings you give them?

    for a pax to see there rating they have to Open the Uber app and click the option button in the top left of the menu. Select “help” then “account.” At the bottom of the list you'll see“I'd like to know my rating.” Select that and then on the following screen hit submit.
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    Lost items

    Clear the vehicle after every ride and you will not have that problem. You don't leave anybody on that bus do you? No - no pay from UBER, likely nothing from pax. Have them come to you.
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    Android vs iPhone Which do you like better?

    I just switched to Apple iPhone 6s plus, big difference from Android the way the partner app works. Apple Can't even download app from app store have to adjust settings to allow the app to even work more map options the app hangs freezes all the time can't connect to server errors google maps...
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    Surge Notifcation?

    v3.75.1 IOS
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    Surge Notifcation?

    Its under settings at the very bottom
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    Just gave a ride to 3 Bucs players

    Ha! I picked them back up from the Airport six hours later and took them back to the Embassy because they missed there flight! KARMA is a bit**
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    Traffic Problem with airport yesterday night

    Exit ramp was blocked, They had both lanes open at the main exit where it merged into one.
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    Then your not making any profit!
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    Here is just one instance and it's not even a good one for Florida- Check with a CPA or an account! If You’re Self-Employed Those of you (us?) who are self-employed (i.e., no one takes any money out of your income for taxes), and make a bulk of your living that way, you should definitely also...