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  1. Poopy54

    When you get here drive faster so I can get to work by 10:15.

    Only happens a couple of times, it was off the top of my head, and get a chuckle out of it. I am an aggressive but safe driver anyway, over 3 years driving, no accidents or tickets. No accidents or tickets in over 20....Just lucky I guess
  2. Poopy54

    When you get here drive faster so I can get to work by 10:15.

    I have told them to hand me 200.00 for the ticket I may receive, when we get there without being stopped, then I will return 100.00 of it. The other 100 will be a tip for getting you there on time
  3. Poopy54

    😐Dress in revealing clothes, you deserve what you get😐

    Wow and this coming from a woman???? Go Away
  4. Poopy54

    I am still kind of new to Uber but I'm just not

    I would hate be a handicapped passenger going 1 1/2 miles to therapy and unfortunate enough to get you as a driver. Seeing how frustrated you get here, with strangers. Just chill, relax, and do the job, we have all been there and we all get the unicorns that fix our day after all those short...
  5. Poopy54

    New type of promotions

    Also known as the dub dub dub
  6. Poopy54

    Harrassed by police

    Private property
  7. Poopy54

    Lit Up Signs and The State of California

    The city is the cops employer, not the state, they dont give a hoot
  8. Poopy54

    Got the new screen today finally.

    And besides take 2-3 minutes to drive 1 1/2 miles, not sure who determines what the mileage is on these trips....Took one that said 20 min ride and it took 8 minutes
  9. Poopy54

    Where are all the Lyft drivers San Diego Airport Uber

    I'll be looking for them, run my ass over, and retire :sneaky:
  10. Poopy54

    Federal judge holds freelancers to new California labor law

    Thank You.....But I aint pretty....I am an SOWGB which these days is frowned upon
  11. Poopy54

    Got the new screen today finally.

    I dont
  12. Poopy54

    Where are all the Lyft drivers San Diego Airport Uber

    Ran both apps today as usual, 10 lyft and 1 uber in 5 hours work, $125.00, blew my mind couldn't get an Uber ping for nothin, no matter, as long as I am working
  13. Poopy54

    What do you do if pax talk politics?

    If they are Red I will have the discussion If they are Blue....drop them off on some out of the way lonely road:sneaky::wink:
  14. Poopy54

    Still no destination while receiving trip request

    I love the 25 minute ride that is actually a 8 minute ride, I can see them being a few minutes off, but 10-15?? Fix your S**T Uber
  15. Poopy54

    SAN airport attendant told me to put five in my car.

    Dropped DT got a message from Lyft across my screen, Add $5.00 and get one at the airport, what a mess down there at T2 but got in got my ride and they added 5.00 to my take