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    Any Drivers worried about Racial Retaliation?

    First thing is to call support and report the issue, before the customer has the time to do it to you, with this, you have covered your ass. has worked 3 times for me, nothing bad, just the typical idiot we are graced with from time to time
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    Uber is going to shutdown in California

    Sounds like a political party I know🐎
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    So tired of crappy phone mounts

    Velcro strips the next best thing to Gorilla Tape, then sliced bread, then Duct tape, then.......
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    Uber and Lyft lose

    This is from Dear Uber driver: In case you have not yet heard the news, a court in California issued a historic ruling this afternoon. A superior court judge granted a motion brought by the California Attorney General and several City Attorney offices, for a preliminary injunction, ruling...
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    Trump might continue the CHEESE via Executive Order!

    LOL HAHA, Yep Puppet Biden/Harris, will fix everything :roflmao: :roflmao:
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    El Cajon Woman Certifies For $14k in EDD Back Benefits

    I just got another deposit on the 28 of July....but I do believe it was the last one
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    whats this mean?

    ALWAYS make sure you take the picture, yes annoying, but you have proof it's at their door
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    Why cant I see other drivers

    Try clicking the 3 line drop down and going to settings and at the very bottom sign out, when you get back on you need to put your phone # back in and then it worked for me. But why when I initially open it up I can't other drivers, i haven't a clue
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    Why cant I see other drivers

    @Wombat7 Yep signing completely out did it:smiles:
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    Why cant I see other drivers

    When in the Uber riders app I cant see all the other drivers in the area, been off for 3 months, did they change something? On Lyft rider app I can see the drivers around me
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    65 more weeks of boosted unemployment?

    She acted like she wanted to be, and these protesters were open carry certified and knew what they were doing, so have another glass of that Koolaide you have been gulping down 1594585794
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    65 more weeks of boosted unemployment?

    Not a Trump thing, it's a party thing, and the reason there is a spike, is because there is more testing, not to mention all the blm protesting, and yes opening things up to soon as well
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    65 more weeks of boosted unemployment?

    I just hate uninformed people who are narrow minded and spout untruths. MAGA. To me it isnt a Trump thing, it's a Democrat thing, that needs to be stopped 1594573534 First that's Michigan, the werent "armed" and that was because Witmer was acting like hitler
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    65 more weeks of boosted unemployment?

    Oh and what about Cuomo sending sick people into convalescent homes and infecting everyone, nearly 3000 people died because of this, and he still runs a muck painting black lives matter on a street in NY, publicity stunt at its best
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    65 more weeks of boosted unemployment?

    Ya COVID 19 was his fault :roflmao: it could had been worse if he hadn't closed down travel from china, when everyone was calling him racist for doing it DEMS are destroying what he has done for the last 4 years. You all keep listening to Lemon and Maddow, and the rest of the idiots trying to...