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    Possible scammer- Lyft exploit or just glitch- no ride in history

    Ahhwell. I'm out $2 and change. The worst of it was just getting off the 202 for no reason. Now, if Lyft would care to even respond to my ticket .... oh. And Bernie Sanders is [email protected]!
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    Possible scammer- Lyft exploit or just glitch- no ride in history

    Picked up a "Bria" down in Mesa. Quick and easy lyft to a quickie mart and back to her home. Upon getting there and hitting drop off, the app beeped like she was requesting ride again and went back to normal operation polling for trips. Well low and behold, the ride didn't register. Anyone seen...
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    Still despise...

    So you say you aren't here, but you're making posts. I suggest you find a healthy outlet for your frustration. Try making smart ass posts. Works great for me!
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    Still despise...

    Anyone care to translate this? Couldnt have less of an idea what this guy's saying
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    How often do you get offers of...?

    I tried for a year to get offered weed hehe
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    New Phoenix Rates Starts 4/14/2016

    One ride in 90 days keeps my partner account active. The shorter that ride, the sooner I'm lyfting again. I had a glimmer of hope that we were at least coming incrementally back to feasible rates, but it was just a mirage in Maricopa mother×&@$er!
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    Passenger threatened to "fire me"

    Fire three of them and get a 10 minute vacation
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    Finally got it. Passing on Fares Email!!

    expert level pickpocket detected!
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    Dead zone in Phoenix airport surging like crazy!!???!!

    This uberX airport queue is a falsehood. Turn on your rider app in sky harbor and try and hail uberx. OOPS. Somethings fubar down there.
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    The answer.....

    Lyft hasn't put me in time out yet. Viva Lyft.
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    Finally got it. Passing on Fares Email!!

    I just can't believe their self delusion. They say I'm passing up easy money by not driving 22 minutes through traffic jams to transfer someone .6 miles for my $2.40 without a tip or a reach around. Pass up a few of those and then it's Time Out? Lyft, you have my undivided attention.
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    Watch the college women

    I've been propositioned by a gorgeous young black girl apparently on ecstacy and a very tall and nice @@@@@@. 2 nopes as I'm happily married, but a nice self confidence boost haha
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    $5 rider no show fee ENCOURAGES pax irresponsibility

    A passenger told me they have to type in that they agree to surge fares, and it pissed him off. I told him all about Lyft. Probably a 1 star and referring competition e-mail but it felt right.
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    My first tip of the morning from a first time Lyft pax, guess what is it? What have you gotten?

    I've gotten empty wrappers to a surprising $10.00 tip on Lyft. Much to my chagrin I'm pretty sure I thought they hated the ride and I 3 starred her to save her from ever being in my presence again, then boom, next days tip review and trip distance lined up to be the same lass I'll never see...
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    In response to OPs post: No U!