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    Best (& cheapest) place for tire repair near UC?

    Got a nail in my tire that needs to be fixed. Tried taking it to Goodyear where they claim they'll fix it for free, but they said it's too close to the sidewall (it's like 2-3 inches away, "free" is a scam to sell new tires). Got it to a friend's place in UC, but it deflated pretty badly...
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    Issue with Express Pay - Says Not Eligible

    Just experienced this today after making a long trip last night out of town. It was working fine yesterday. Did you ever resolve this?
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    False accusations...inappropriate flirting

    Had someone accuse me of racism about a week ago. I get a ping for an UberPool request down on Columbus blvd and I was trying to keep my acceptance rate up so I wouldn't lose my guarantees from the DNC. I go to pick her up and she tries to cram 4 people and a baby with no car seat into my car...
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    Serious Q in need of serious A

    A little farther out, but there's a McDonald's around Front & Girard and a Wendy's way down south on the other end of Columbus by IKEA. Both are easily accessible from Columbus blvd. and have free parking. I use both frequently depending on where I am in the city.
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    Philadelphia Uber Union

    I stopped by the airport today and left in frustration. For some reason there are way more uber drivers at the airport this week. It was barely worth it before, but it's definitely not worth it now. You're looking at ~1hr wait times (the estimation is bullshit and keeps going back up while you...
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    Guarantees this week??

    I got an email for the usual 6-9am rush @21/hr.
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    Issues with Uber Partner App

    I've been having this problem too. I get mysteriously logged out during guarantee hours and then wonder how much time I missed.
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    Anyone have guarantees showing in their Aug 1 statement?

    As in yours are showing up in your pay statement, or "yup" as in wait until wednesday?
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    Amazon Flex in Philly? Anyone do it?

    I was going to sign up, but it's android only and I have an iPhone. Let us know what it's like if you end up doing it.
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    Airport pickup queue

    As you leave the baggage claim zone go to the "return to terminal" lane and there's a special parking lot on your left as you head back to toward the terminal that's reserved for ride share drivers. It's sort of blocked off by concrete barricades except for the entrance and exit. Then just wait...
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    Babies without carseat/booster seat.

    What do you guys do when this happens? It's happening to me regularly and I'm pretty sure it's illegal. I'm pretty fed up with it.
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    Farthest Trip You've Had

    NYC, took a while because of bad weather. After expenses it was around $120.
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    Instant Pay to your own debit card (not GoBank)

    Yeah, that's where I went. I don't see anything about instant pay on there. Maybe it's disabled for me because I have an xChange car.
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    Anyone have guarantees showing in their Aug 1 statement?

    Just wondering if they are still processing guarantees and I can expect them to show up on Wednesday or if I'm getting @@@@ed. UPDATE: It's all good, they came through today (Wednesday).