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    Rematch to Launch in Sydney

    Had my first rematch this morning at International. Dropped off my pax at 6.29 and got a trip immediately to Parramatta. At that point there were 90+ Uber X in the queue ahead of me. Poor buggers, but it felt great! After the Parramatta drop off, had 4 little local trips around Parra, and then...
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    Rematch to Launch in Sydney

    I'm guessing this is partly about discouraging the cage dwellers (the volumes have been getting silly recently) and partly about giving more Uber rides to drivers who otherwise may do both Uber and Ola. Great for me because I rarely wait at the airport.
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    Minimum wage increased 3 per cent to $740.80 a week

    To anybody out there..... Let me know when you get yours.........
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    Driver promo video

    I think it ought to make mention all of those illegal pick ups and drop offs I have done, and maybe those fines I have copped for doing "my duty"
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    How's it going today?

    Somedays it just depends on luck. Logged on at 5.50, logged off at 13.05. $333.33 which included $34.94 in tolls. Way better than usual for me. Most likely back to 'normal' tomorrow.
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    Sydney International Pool now available

    Four pool customers with four pieces of luggage.... What could possibly go wrong??? I will start picking up pool passengers at the airport only if I get a pool trip to the airport. I doubt that will ever happen. One other thought. What happens with Mac Bank's 4.20 access charge? Does each...
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    Acceptable fee for returning lost item?

    It depends on what was left in my car. The guy who left his socks never saw them again. They ended up in my bin. If its easy and quick to return the left item then it gets returned quickly. Everything else gets taken to my local cop shop in North Sydney. Last time it was a top level iPhone...
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    Stuff those badges for "excellent service" and "great conversation". I want to get badges for "successful illegal pickups"....
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    UberX Plus, confusion by PAX

    I have had this happen a few times, and have had to cancel (or wait for the pax to cancel). I have yet to bust my X+ cherry! I think there is a strong case for Uber to reconsider the branding of either X+ or XL
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    Rider report for no convo

    I had one on a pool trip. The first rider and I where having an animated chat. The second rider somehow felt left out....
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    Labor gonna introduce minimum wages

    Turn Ubers back into taxis! The punters will love it!
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    Who has the Highest Uber Rating in Australia

    I'd like a successful illegal pick up stamp!
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    Any benefit of taking Uberpool?

    ooooh that gives me a warm, smug feeling!
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    Demerit points for parking offences in NSW

    It all may hasten my onset of a three month 'sabbatical' from Uber......
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    What share of the market has Ola

    I'm not in anyway a cheer-leader for Uber, but to my way of thinking as a non-techie, one of the things that is massively impressive about them is how they constantly tweak and innovate their app. Ola, and to an extent Taxify, have proven that you can break into the ride share market, but both...