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Recent content by peteyvavs

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    In this city of Wisconsin my black ass is only driver.

    I’m a white male and seeing your pic I would cancel 😝
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    Am I deactivated/fired/suspended?

    Your mistake was contacting support.
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    Neutrality is the Key

    If you don’t have a 2star then you’re still a rookie 😝
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    I have some beach front property in Arizona for sale cheap.
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    In this city of Wisconsin my black ass is only driver.

    What’s your rating.
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    Wrong, if your rating drops below 4.6 you’ll get deactivate.
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    i am not hungry. i am full picture enclosed

    Oh jeez, we have another one here who didn’t take his meds.
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    Uber/Lyft in trouble again

    Why blame pax’s for not tipping, they aren’t obligated to pay one cent more then the price quoted. If you want to complain about money then complain about Uber cutting our rates and taking an exorbitant amount of our earnings.
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    My cat peed on my last night

    Add your avatar and logo, let’s see how long you’ll last before you get your butt Wupped.
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    I kicked out a Pax and Gf because it was a shit trip!

    You don’t realize that all some needs is your plate to file a complaint against you with Uber, I would raise a shit storm and get you deactivated. if anyone is a twerp it’s YOU.
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    My cat peed on my last night

    Sure you do, now post that avatar on your car and drive if you have the brass.
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    Am I deactivated/fired/suspended?

    I would send a reply that if this isn’t resolved immediately that you leave me no choice but to file a complaint stating unfair labor practices to my State legislators and get as much media exposure as possible of how Uber conducts abusive labor practices.
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    Uber/Lyft in trouble again

    😂 your letters went directly into file 13, now 🛑 trying to make it harder for the rest of us. I suspect that you’re NOT a U/L driver, you’re just someone who craves attention.
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    I have, just go to the hub.
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    Learned to shampoo my seats today 🤗

    Tuff Stuff cleans fabric cleaner for car seats takes out stains and cleans very well, same principle in the video is used.