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  1. Pax Collector

    Scolding pax

    It's all good, my friend :smiles:
  2. Pax Collector

    Scolding pax

    Read OP's story. Neither of us were there. I spoke based on the information provided. When exactly did I do that? Again, where in my statement did I say that? If your response was meant to be a joke, sadly I'm not getting it.
  3. Pax Collector

    Scolding pax

    No, you'd be hit with complaints on how you're a sexist, homophobic driver and be deactivated.
  4. Pax Collector

    Did anyone get a ticket on.....?

    We all make mistakes. Hopefully you didn't get a ticket this time. Cheers!
  5. Pax Collector

    New ride, no ping

    Happens sometimes.
  6. Pax Collector

    Uber pro now only 70 trips for 65

    You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel pro?' Well do ya, punk?
  7. Pax Collector

    Did anyone get a ticket on.....?

    Only way to know is if something shows up in the mail. Question is.... How come we didn't learn from our previous mistake?
  8. Pax Collector

    Reactive vs Proactive when calling support

    I thought reactive was when one shows up at Uber HQ and starts throwing molotov cocktails.
  9. Pax Collector

    Ping Times

    Yeah, drivers and riders don't get matched based on proximity anymore. There are dozens of things that are factored in by their algorithm.
  10. Pax Collector

    2015 Audi A6 not classified as select

    If a frigging Audi can't qualify for Select I'm at a loss for words. I'd check with the Greenlight frustration Hub folks to see if they can manually activate you.
  11. Pax Collector

    Popo in full force today at sfo waiting lot

    People addicted to jet fumes and shitty work conditions.
  12. Pax Collector

    Popo in full force today at sfo waiting lot

    Someone's gotta keep an eye on the ant infestation.
  13. Pax Collector

    Missing Driving

    Your car is trying to tell you something. You better listen to it.
  14. Pax Collector

    Valet threatens to tow me.

    Exactly! 👍