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    Car wash options?

    My driveway for free , and once for month a VIP cleaning for 25 bucks
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    Low acceptance punishment

    Since I stopped to pick short distance and Pool requests, Uber make wait long time for a ride , yesterday was very slow , at least for me , I’m wondering if anyone noticed the same issue
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    Uber threats

    I just the same message today and look like I get less request than usual , I guess is something to thing about
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    Missing turn

    I cannot believe that I missed the last USA exit and the U turn ,almost 2 hours for get back.
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    I haven’t heard much lately about it , anyone knows what is going on ?
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    Diamond Status

    I need score 35 point for keep the Diamond status and I don’t think cam made it , I hope that with the platinum one I still can see the duration and destination before I accepted
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    Car inspection

    Look like we cannot do the car inspection by the Hub anymore, instead we are going to pay by authorize shops
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    Virus spreading in China

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    Virus spreading in China

    This new virus is pretty scary it start in China but there already few cases in other Countries, should we worry when take people from the airport?
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    Uber clients are putting in longer trips and then update to a shorter trip!

    Uber need necessarily raise the short trip fare , otherwise pax with low rating don’t have to many chance to get a short ride .
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    Worst Saturday ever

    Today I definitely realized that Uber is over , disgusting slow , I get one trip ( Pool ) from College area to PB $ 9,00 I’m done .
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    180k miles

    I’m driving a 2015 Prius C and I just hit 180.000 miles , I’m just wondering How far I can go and when is time for get a new one .
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    Severely slow lately

    Lyft 50% discount promotion is part of problem , but definitely there is something going on
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    Uber new terms and conditions

    New terms and conditions you must agree before go on line , first paragraph: Uber Drivers are not employee......
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    Something wrong

    Yes indeed, I always start from home with 0 miles