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    Dude makes $300 per day doing UberEats

    I'm averaging $18 sometimes $20 an hour with UberEats, and it's fairly steady. He's probably exaggerating ( where he had one week of $300, and is saying it makes that all the time, this is typical of drivers , cabs, UBer, etc., kinda like how fisherman exaggerate the size of their fish they...
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    Reasons you've given 'Thumbs Down'

    Who does groceries? I did it once, never again. That kinda crap happens, for sure. But not very often, so when it does happen, I just ride it out and not fret over the loss. move on to the next, the money averages out, almost always the same, week to week.
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    UberEats Deactivation for “Fraud”

    That sucks man, that's why I'm a member of more than one delivery outfit, just in case. I got post mates and grubhub to fall back on. But, I've been with Uber since 2013, if that counts for anything, I don't know.
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    Had to take nine facemask selfies during my shift yesterday

    Yes, it's really getting annoying. Many times I will turn off requests during deliveries ( because often they will feed me a new delivery immediately when I pick up the food, and if finding their apartment or residence is slow going, I'm late on the stacked delivery, so I often turn it off...
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    Recommendations for Food bags

    Moral of this story is to, when exiting car, keep lid open and contents viewable. I have a camera bag which I use for sundry items, but since I don't want anyone to think it's carrying and expensive camera, when I exit my car, I always open the lid so the contents, the very boring contents, are...
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    Hello, is this a bad or good time to start driving?

    Very bad. Try UberEats, due to stimulus money, people are ordering food like crazy. See my article on the home page UberX vs UberEats (if it's still there). I'm doing about $20 an hour now. 1589814176 Chuckle. I've done UberX since 2013, it's not that bad. 1589814380 My tip % have ranged...
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    Restaurant bag comes open during delivery? What to do?

    What would I do? First, I have NEVER waited in a drive through. IF they don't let me inside, I cancel. That ends that problem right there. Its much easier to deal with things like this if you are at the counter. In my experience, when I call support, I usually get someone ( albeit in the...
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    Recommendations for Food bags

    There are a number of sealable food delivery bags on Amazon for sale. I need one that preferably has drink holders on the outside. Any recommendations?
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    Reasons you've given 'Thumbs Down'

    I got bad news for you, you are going to encounter that kind of thing every day of the week you work. People just don't think of things like putting in codes, or helpful information. Some do, most don't. You have to call them, or text them. You'll have to get used to it, or quit. I don't let...
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    Where can I buy surgical mask(s) in San Diego???

    Uber sent me a packet of 5, didn't you get yours? . 1589714439 I need gloves.
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    Grey hair

    I was a premature grey person. Started when I was 28, and by the time I was 40, total white. Here's the thing, premature grey is hard on a young person. But, as a senior, my hair is much whiter, "platinum" now than most people who started greying late. Because, there is no such has a grey...
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    Food Delivery

    I dont know about door dash, but postmates send you a prepaid debit card, and the way they work it is that you order the food, wait for it, pay for it with their card, then deliver it. With UberEats you just pick up and deliver, no paying. I don't want to order the food, nuts to that. Now is a...
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    Uber new terms and conditions

    I've decided I do not want to be an employee. If you go that route, they will do witholding.
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    Gated communities guards photograph my drivers license, creates an identity theft risk

    I'm wondering, without your SocSec #, or your birth cert, how can they steel your ID?
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    Confirming drivers are wearing a mask

    Yeah, I wear glasses and I can't put the mask over my nose, or my glasses fog up. But, if you put the mask just slightly below your nostrils (you must breath through your nose ) NO ONE will notice or care, trust me and it won't fog up your glasses. Maybe they will invent glasses with...