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    Two orders at the same swipe.

    I think it varies based on where those 2 orders are going. If it’s going in the same direction, I’d accept them. As long as I don’t have to go way out the way in the same direction. Like the @Teksaz Posted seems good to me.

    Delivery 🥗 - Missing meal

    Drinks don’t show up in the UberEATS app on our end. So, you can’t blame the driver for that either. With DD, it’s easy to check that. And I believe this is the most commonly missed item. Sometimes I’ll look at the stapled receipt. Five Guys doesn’t show the drinks on that. So, they sometimes...

    Delivery 🥗 - Missing meal

    Sometimes items are placed in the same tray. I’ve had that happen to me. I know people want all of their food. That’s the most important thing but I don’t work at the restaurant. And I feel that even if the bag is open, people don’t want some stranger looking through their stuff. I have never...

    As restaurants reopen dining-rooms, delivery orders get placed on the back burner

    Yeah, I made the mistake of accepting orders from them last night. Never again. Cost me 4 cancellations. I thought since it was 8PM everyone was going to be home but nope, busy as a @@@@. Then I accidentally accepted one from Jason‘s Deli that was going to a Hospital. Silly me for tryna get...

    Alright DoorDash folks, help me out here

    Yup, that’s how I roll as well. You gotta know your area though. Lots of trial and error in the beginning.

    Alright DoorDash folks, help me out here

    You’re killing it dude.

    Walmart blows!

    Wait, you tip Walmart workers? I tried tipping and the lady there acted like she saw the 👿. She said they weren’t allowed to take tips. Did this change or what?

    App Looks Busy. No Orders?

    Yeah, same here. But I rarely get pings and when I do, they’re like yours. So, I decline them. I assume they may be busy, just not for people like us that generally decline anything under $6. I’ve noticed that the DD to CX ratio is off a little for the orders I’ve accepted. Usually they’re...

    Average door dash rating?

    No idea. But your rating is generally higher than mine. I delivered some food the other day. There was a guy waiting on the sidewalk and looking at his phone. He flagged me down and I gave him the food. He was at the house next door though. Afterwards I saw my rating go down. So, I assume he...

    Someone tipped me 200 dollars on Instacart

    Damn, that is suck. Recently just read a story about that on one of ‘em ”fake news” sites. People are definitely a-holes. It’s bait and switch, just to get drivers to get their groceries.

    Chik Fila Delivery

    I’m really surprised at how popular this place is. I mean, it’s just fast food. But people seem to love this place. Apparently so much so that I’ve read the franchisees at McDonald’s wants them to create a chicken sandwich to compete with Chick-fil-As. I’ve always been more of a Wendy’s spicy...

    Any downsides to having a low AR on DD?

    I don’t know, but I assume that if you’re in a busy market it doesn’t matter. I’m at 36% right now. It’s pretty slow for me today and it was yesterday as well. Not sure if people ran out of money or what. But I’ve been at that AR before and busy. So, I think it depends.

    Do all food delivery app customers have the ability to track your live location?

    I have my DD driver app set to “while using.” So, I assume that if I close the app and head home to take a dump the customer won’t know. I have ordered through both UE and DoorDash. I can see the driver as soon as they accept the order on DD. Not sure about UberEATS even though I literally...

    Leave at my door

    I think ima stick to this. Some do state specifically to not knock or ring doorbell. But most do not. And a few say to knock or ring and leave the food.

    Leave at my door

    I honestly don’t think they get photos. I’ve done this a few times. Then when my shift is over, I get text from DD stating something along the lines that number can no longer be used. I’ve sent customer pics of menus before but they‘ve said they’ve not received them. So, 🤷🏽‍♂️ 1585681663 I...