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  • Thanks for your comments. I agree with you but it's just plain fun to get morons all riled up. Yes, it was quite a game!
    I got your post about not knowing my immediate area of Long Beach and Seal Beach. I was actually joking around with Dave because he was joking about it in a previous post. I actually went to school in Long Beach off of 7th and Martin Luther, so obviously I know how close Seal Beach is to Long Beach :-)
    Bostonian Bison is honored to be
    Followed by You. Or am I just here
    to Counter the Mad Russian's Occu-
    pationary Presence? Chortle.
    Thats foe sure. Im with you. It feels like a reverse mortagage. I just hope the car lasts long enough to either find a new job or start something myself to make some money. Im trying to make this a list to actually warn others. Thanks for your imput!!
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