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    This has been a good forum, I've liked talking shop with other drivers over the past year. I've learned alot, eventually got over my reticence to shuffle. But now that I'm not driving, we are just trading notes about the economy, waiting for unemployment, and wondering what comes next...
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    Things I have noticed back out on the road

    Yes it is. A sneeze is airborne. Exhaling puts virus in vicinity of person. The masks do a better job of protecting others, although they probably think they are protecting themselves.
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    This is all Trumps fault! He turned out to be a curse!

    What we should do is set up manufacturing farms in middle america. They would be on govt property and things like minimum wage wouldnt apply. Immigrants would be allowed to work there, would have room board paid for and they would get $2/hr. There would be promises of legal immigration to...
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    This is all Trumps fault! He turned out to be a curse!

    If they just let it propagate, we would have 2 million dead from this. I dont know how transmissable some of the other diseases are/were. Assuming we make it through this, there may be calls to sanction China for their role in this. The world will trust them less. This is an argument in...
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    This is all Trumps fault! He turned out to be a curse!

    I'm not sure. I'd give it 50 / 50 of being intentional. Apparently China is buying up UK businesses at an alarming rate. Germany put in place legislation to stop China from buying their assets. If real estate crashes, we will have to see if Chinese are buying up inventory like they did last...
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    DMV Unemployment update (article)

    This article is pretty good.
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    Post in this thread if you've been approved for unemployment insurance for Uber or Lyft

    I know that it takes months to design, develop, test, and release changes to software. It's feeling like many drivers will get nothing from states, what is worse is that they are the gatekeepers of the 600 everyone is supposed to get. Some applicants slipped through the cracks, clerical errors...
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    Things I have noticed back out on the road

    Maybe they have it right. They don't have to wear makeup if they don't want to, and they won't be judged by any man on their appearance. Just something to think about. I mean, if you really think about it, makeup is shadier/weirder than wearing a face covering silk. I bet incidence of...
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    Man black people can't catch a break

    I would guess that its primarily because they are poorer, IN NYC most of them work service jobs, they need to keep working to stay afloat, and probably didn't take the social distancing guidelines as seriously because they have to work. Its for these same reasons that many more men are getting...
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    Driver protection measures

    What is sad is that a month ago, there was a pic of a driver who had constructed something similar and he was laughed off the internet. What I might suggest is get a pack of matches, light them and blow them out in various places in the car to see if a draft is carrying air around the plastic...
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    Want advice ? Prepare for this possibility.........

    At this point, I'd guess there is a 50% chance that bezos will own a RS company within the next 2 years.
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    Feds could have helped all the ICs as well as the companies they worked for easily.

    Just give me my $600 now. They are holding the 600 hostage because states can't decide who should get between 50-350. Just realized, states will deny claims as early as possible, but still keep collecting the 600 to refill their coffers. States are the ones who will defraud the fed govt.
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    You are ridiculously small!

    I was more shocked that there were actual pics of it.
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    41 NYC transit workers dead. Deblasio needs to resign. He was telling people to go out to bars in mid March. Didn't follow any federal social distancing guidelines. I don't see any rational world where he retains his job.
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    Couldn't take it anymore, went delivering

    How? Didn't the website say to wait?