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    Is anyone dressing up while on duty for halloween

    GuyFawlkes mask.
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    Uber & Lyft Cracks are starting to show

    Here's where the math is wrong: 40M x $50 isn't the full picture, since the booking fee is still in there.. Assuming $10 average ride, the booking fee is a further 15%, so uber gets about 35% of those 2 Billion in Revenue. Spelled out: 700,000,000.00 per month! How do they manage to lose...
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    A Raise

    We were buying gas for as little as 1.89 back in March... Dream on!
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    Not getting my referral fee

    Mick, I've had good luck with it, but keep in mind referrals are collected Friday-Thursday then reported on Sunday. That might explain why you haven't seen it yet.
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    A Raise

    1 - would make a bigger difference.
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    How to be a 5 star passenger LOL Yahoo just had this up!!!!!

    70% Page coverage was too much?!?
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    What was the longest trip you had?

    MIA to Port St Lucie
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    Jump start

    I've given complete strangers jump-start, or even helped people replace a flat. I have gloves, proper tools, even a battery jump-pack, but not for any variation of Uber rates!
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    WTF!! Uber X Drivers

    and it doesn't get you a canceling fee either.
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    Dynamic Pricing Maps for Surge

    the hexagons are a better indicator of the actual surge assignment. It helps you to understand why sometimes you would be inside a huge 2.2x area, but were getting 1.3 pings. It also assists you in planing to be nearest the greatest demand focus. but if you do so online, you suppress the surge.
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    Snowbirds coming . . .

    I wasn't driving last winter, started mid spring. Was making 1500-1800 weekly thru the end of May.
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    Do you wash your own vehicle or pay?

    For POOL or X rates, I don't even hold my farts.
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    Do you wash your own vehicle or pay?

    About once a month. Beat the floor mats about every other day.
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    It's to the drivers advantage to abuse the fixed cost leased car for as much revenue as possible. But a rude awakening awaits this one when he finds out he doesn't get the mileage deduction, only the actual lease/gas costs. Buy an 8 year old car with 100k miles for 8k and write it off after 2...
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    Just got a pool

    Rethink you math..2 minute no-show is the easiest money in the world! Beats waiting 5 minutes for a short X ride that only pays 2.50. Just like short pools at $6 minimum are better than X @ $5 minimum. Longer POOL runs are tricky, financially and morally. Specialy if you get a 2nd rider...