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    Can't login to app after picking up HS kids -- is this a deactivation without warning?

    Take it from a former School Bus Driver, They will always believe the kid. Without a Video, You are screwed. I cant tell you how many drivers have been accused of inapproiate behavior . Thank God for Video and the Teamsters Union. In 99.9% of the cases The Kid was lying. Btw Nothing happends to...
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    Requirements for Anchorage

    Thanks for the reply Las Vegas Mello W Yellow. I have been to that site already, it just says most 4 door cars less than 12 yrs old I know that Crown Vic and Full size vans are banned in some markets. I want to use a full size vehicle. Alaska is different than lower 48, Its unsafe to drive a...
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    Requirements for Anchorage

    I am a Prospective Driver. I can not find a list of Approved vehicles for Anchorage. Is a Crown Vic, Ok? some cities it is and some cities its banned. Why is the approved Vehicles list such a secret? Does Uber or Lyft offer any rental options in Anchorage? Any help would be appreciated.