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  1. OC-Moe

    Bar closing time, no pings

    robots herding cats
  2. OC-Moe


    the flu originates in the Orient too
  3. OC-Moe

    Need help getting a Pin dropper deactivated

    so basically uber/Lyft is a lead generator for private rides for TCP drivers.
  4. OC-Moe

    Need help getting a Pin dropper deactivated

    driver selectively blind innit, hahaha
  5. OC-Moe

    It’s 3am in Thousand Oaks you drop your passenger off and need to take a dump but there’s nowhere to go what do you do?

    adult diapers, industrial strength Fabreeze, and duct tape to minimize leakage
  6. OC-Moe

    odd, perhaps unreasonable pet peeves?

    solo riders who sit behind me statue like, no conversation, especially at night.
  7. OC-Moe

    **2019 NAMM Show. January 24–27 (Anaheim Convention Center)**

    yesterday was a bust and many are stoners so if you like skunk odor, the NAMM is for you
  8. OC-Moe

    Need help getting a Pin dropper deactivated

    banana in the tailpipe should do it
  9. OC-Moe

    Anyone else noticed that to decline a Lyft trip request now requires...

    ...multiple and vigorous tapping on the X button?
  10. OC-Moe

    Shadowban or outage?

    yeah, Uber matchmaking is recently strange in its sluggishness
  11. OC-Moe

    How do you guys handle passengers farting in your vehicle?? (Bad gas)

    if the pax sharts, Houston, we gots problems