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    100 Bucks to the Best Recent Video of UberMike doing something dumb or illegal. LOL

    He's the reason why the TLC started putting a cap on how many hours you could be online driving for uber. because the idiot would post videos of him sleeping at the airport, talking about how many hours he's been up and drinking redbull. He's such an @@@@@@@. He thinks he knows so much, and he's...
  2. NYCuber

    Where to find ID holder for car seat to display license?

    They give you the little wallet type plastic card holder, but that to put in your pocket. Thats not what Im looking for.
  3. NYCuber

    Where to find ID holder for car seat to display license?

    Ive looked all over ebay and amazon and the internet. Havent found any. Any key words??
  4. NYCuber

    Cheap Lyft Line/UberPool riders

    Lol yea sorry, typo, i meant to say that 4 ppl try to get in
  5. NYCuber

    Why working in poor neighborhoods always brings my ratings low???

    Your 100% right, working in poor neighborhoods suck, the people have no respect, no education, are very ghetto and dont appreciate the service. I say boycott all of these areas. Deprive them of this service and make them take train or their famous "dollar cab"....
  6. NYCuber

    Cheap Lyft Line/UberPool riders

    Lately alot of Lyft Line (LL) & UberPool (UP) riders have been playing stupid when getting in the car. I arrive to a LL/UP request and theres 4 people waiting to get in the car. When I tell them that its a LL/UP ride and that max 2 people could get in, half of them play stupid and say "i didnt...
  7. NYCuber

    Hows Juno doing? Will it survive?

    I agree, the same is happening with Lyft. And its going to continue to happen as long as the rates are so low and all these promotions are in play. Those few weeks that Lyft had the 50% off promo, omg Ive nevee picked up so many ghetto people. Then they were all asking me if im sure that they...
  8. NYCuber

    Don't count on Independent Drivers Guild

    Dont worry, I wont. I scope out the people I put in my vehicle. If they look like trouble, I dont pick them up.
  9. NYCuber

    Secret to stop picking up UberPool

    Thats what I did. I emailed them via "support@uber.com". Maybe its a different group of people responding to the app email address. Who knows. All I know is that Im happy with my outcome
  10. NYCuber

    Secret to stop picking up UberPool

    You see, please show this to the world. Its posible. What more proof do these people want? Thank Lenny_yellow_cab
  11. NYCuber

    Uber threatening new Juno recruits

    It seems that Uber has been feeling the pain of its customers using Juno now instead of Uber. Its a no brainer, Juno is offering pax 35% off all rides until further notice and no surge as of now. Of course all of us rideshare drivers who have began to work with Juno, have the Juno phone in...
  12. NYCuber

    Secret to stop picking up UberPool

    See, thats not being denied, thats trying to be convinced not to opt out, Read the original post, he email snapshots are there.
  13. NYCuber

    Anybody had used INSTANT PAY AND EXPRESS PAY ?

    Nah, I rather wait for it. I dont want to get in he habit of spending money as i get it.
  14. NYCuber

    So even if the rider cancels its still my fault

    Its crazy, then the worst thing is that is counts againts your rating. This is BS. Uber has to get more strict with the pax and make uber once again a privilage to take, not so any dumb thug with a credit card could take an uber. This would better the whole uber experience. Another option is to...
  15. NYCuber

    Secret to stop picking up UberPool

    Your wrong. It worked for me and many other people. Uber will never disclose that with us. They know that we would all opt-out, because the only people making benefitting off uberpool is uber themselves and the cheap ass pax. So please dont talk what you dont know and get your facts straight. Im...