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    People destroying scooters

    These scooters are now in Sacramento. These are death traps, we have a lot of pot holes and bad roads. I have seen about 15 people fall down and break something already...... They get picked up everynight around 11PM here, I have seen the JUMP workers get into fights with homeless trying to...
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    If you really want to strike

    I see many drivers out lol.
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    The Tale of Two Ants

    I take rides before the surge games are played. Surge is a joke now lol. Would I rather make 20 bucks or sit around 40 minutes and wait for a 2-4 dollar surge.........
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    Uber Driver Scam

    I got a call once during a 4.0X surge, lady wanted me to cancel and hit no charge and give her my details. Well I hit start ride and drove around for about 5 miles and gave her bs info and kept rambling about random stuff. I got my nice little 20 bucks lol.
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    Under the Influence Claim for a refund!?!

    These claims are BS and should be challenged. This type of claim will put your account on hold for about 72 hours. That is why anytime I see a long trip and it is some weird homeless or EBT dweller, I decline to take it.
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    Cleaning Fee for Oral Sex..... Has this happened to you? I am back Guys

    I picked up a rider by the name of "Lane" at Blue Cue on Thursday night. The time was 2:00 AM, all goes well picked him and his lady friend up. The original destination was Galt, UGGGGGGGGG Galt.....anyways they changed the destination to a restaurant that I know was closed at that time. They...