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    Serious Question: Nazi's with service animals....

    Don't pick them up and when Uber raises the question of if the service animal was the reason, simply tell them that you did Nazi it. :D
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    Buying a car for Uber

    If you've been doing it full-time, that's 40 hours per week times 52 weeks per year times 6 years = 12,480 hours driving experience. Nice. A human being is awake roughly 16 hours of each day, learning as it grows. It takes a little over two years for a baby to accumulate roughly 12,480 hours...
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    Lol. Yeah, bring the money and pay no attention to the guy in a ski mask. Lmao.
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    Let me ask all of you something

    Pizza delivery... Better profits, fewer miles, free food, shorter hours, less pukers.
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    Driver cancelled on my wife and stole $5

    I assume Toronto has the same 5 minute timer everywhere else has. Are you telling us that this driver drove in circles for 5 minutes and then cancelled?
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    Uber is making me feel guilty

    Probably just you for the night. Logically, though, with that many pings from that distance, one would imagine surge would kick in eventually. Of course, that's assuming Uber isn't the most immoral company ever created and is not actually charging surge while not passing it along to drivers...
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    The one extra I provide.......

    I did the same until someone stole it... Now I keep a few minis hidden up front and offer them when I hear someone sneeze
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    Maglite... The big one... Costs about $50 and doubles as a weapon, but more realistically as a deterrent.
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    Possibly nicest passenger comment.

    There's tons of theories. The only logical one I've heard is that if you and another driver are exactly the same time and distance away from a ping, the request would go to the highest rated driver first. It makes sense, but then again Uber rarely does things logically.
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    I have not been charged for fuel in 1 1/2 Weeks

    Happens all the time with the fuel card. Back in February, I had three fuel charges that mysteriously went uncharged even longer than normal. In April, Uber sent me a message saying they had discovered them and were going to apply them with an additional discount (like 10% or 20% off). Other...
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    I sometimes cancel because of somebody's name

    "Unique" has more than one definition. There's also the concept of using it as hyperbole. :D
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    Uber is experimenting with a feature "choose where you drive"

    It resets. I can't verify that it's exactly "each week," but it definitely resets at about that pace.
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    Do I extend a "professional courtesy" or report this guy?

    Yeah, but they still clean Walmart. It may not sparkle and shine but the dirty diapers left by customers get taken care of once somebody reports it. This sounds like a low-maintenance pax that had his limits tested. There's a big difference between vacuuming out in between rides and never...
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    Tipping for Bad Service, Not for Good Service

    Are you sure she didn't tip? Maybe Uber just stole the tip from you.
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    Higher SF rates!

    Ah, generalizations... The foundation of a healthy America :D