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    Why didn’t anyone tell me there was so much drugs and alcohol in the old lot. I would have hung out there with the ants 🐜
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    Has surge been eliminated?

    Thanks. But only driving during surge means uber dictates when I drive. I have a schedule and a life. When I need the extra money, I’ll pop in, get what I need, and get the hell out.
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    Has surge been eliminated?

    Even if its still alive, it’s definitely not “well.” I didn’t see a single red spot at 2:02 am on a Saturday night. I even logged on for a second and logged right off just to see if that would make something show up
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    Has surge been eliminated?

    I already know the responses I’ll get but I’m asking seriously. I got a job (finally) a few months ago and occasionally uber since I’m trying to save up for some things but not really that often but I haven’t seen surges but I keep seeing this stupid new gray area nonsense and just now at 2 am I...
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    Driving in high crime neighborhoods

    All my hood rides have been fine. The shooting I drove past was not in the hood (I don’t remember exactly where but somewhere in the northeast along 95. Definitely not a rich area but not hood) Editing to clarify that by hood rides being fine, I don’t mean I haven’t had rude people or 1 stars...
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    Anyone want to help?

    The results came back. Turns out they’re not related so she lost interest
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    MAGA hat

    I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that the closest to any kind of argument that a trump supporter can make is ad hominem caricatures divorced from reality
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    Yeah that’s why sugarhouse is still my go to, especially for late at night. Walmart on Columbus won’t make the list because it isn’t exactly spotless clean but all I need is a urinal and a sink to wash my hands and the free parking is more important than cleanliness And of course the pools of...
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    Maybe not anything drastically new for some of us but I saw this on twitter and thought I would share. No info though on hours or parking (which is why sugarhouse is my go to)...
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    Uber now accepting cash trips - be safe , carry some cash with you

    Like uber cares about us
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    Uber now accepting cash trips - be safe , carry some cash with you

    You won’t know it’s cash until they arrive at the destination
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    Sounds like a viable strategy

    Doesn’t surprise me at all
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    strike: Is this a good day

    Where can I sign up? I’ll take the money
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    Houston, do we have a problem?

    Oh good it’s not just me. Is waze crashing for everyone too? Edit: I deleted and re-installed waze and now it seems fine. The fact that both got weird at the same time made me think it was something on my end and got me worried
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    Uber Pro Philadelphia

    They claim it’s “randomly selected”